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Easywalker June in the Snow

This morning I woke up to several inches of snow, and as the day went by it just kept falling thicker!
I needed to get out to the post office, so the June came with us!
I set it up forward facing, so my son could easily see the falling snow, and off we went!
I expected it to be hard going pushing a buggy through so much snow, but the June coped very well with it all. It wasn’t difficult to plough through the snow on our road, and when it became a little tricky on the mud path I simply locked the wheels and carried on.
The snow fell all day, and although I was able to put the raincover on whilst my son slept, when he was awake he really wanted a clear view,,so I kept it off and decided to see how well the weatherproof aspect of the footmuff worked, and I am surprised to say, it worked! My son stayed toasty warm AND dry under there, and to have no shouting about raincovers for once, really was fab.
It was brilliant to have with us for the day, when we went into a small cafe for lunch, the handle went down and the June slotted into an impossibly small space, completely out of the way.
After lunch the children wanted to have a stomp through the snow, and the June was great to push (even one handed) empty whilst they walked.
When they got tired, once again I used the June’s back bar to transport the eldest, whilst the little one sat comfortably in the seat, and I STILL didn’t get stuck in the snow!

With thanks to Lou for these stunning photos!

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