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Easywalker June – Second Review by Louise – Parent Facing

This is the second review of the Easywalker June by Louise. For the initial review we asked Louise to use the Easywalker June forward facing. For this review Louise is using the seat parent facing with her 2 year old.

I have now been using the Easywalker June parent facing for a few days, and I must say the push has sometimes been difficult, on cambers it can really take some effort to keep it going straight. Having said that, on a flat pavement (even up hill), even my two year old can push it!
Parent facing gives a brilliant view of your child, and leaves me able to communicate well with my two year old.
The seat itself is large and very comfortable, my son often falls asleep in it. The upright position is quite reclined but he doesn’t seem to mind.

The Easywalker June has some very good points to it:
The hood works brilliantly, despite my reservations at first, I have come around to it, got used to the small feel of it and I am a fan now. I love the neat way it tucks behind the seat, and it does give good coverage when it’s up.
The handle height is good, it works well for me at 5’7 forward or parent facing, and I’ve never kicked the back bar either. The handle goes VERY low too, so should be suitable for parents of all heights.
The basket has worked fine, things don’t fall out of it and its a reasonable size.
I very much like the wheels, dinky, but chunky, able to cope with most surfaces.
It is a shame that the rearward facing push isn’t as good as it could be, but this is due to the chassis, not the wheels.
The fold is good. I love a parent facing one piece fold, and the June does that well, and compactly to boot!
The June is certainly sturdy and well made it feels as though it will last and last.

I have loved using the June but in particular when the seat is forward facing.
The Easywalker June is a brilliant and well made stroller.

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