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Graco Trekko Duo

I have a 7 month old baby and a 3 years 10 month old boy. I have struggled through the last 7 months since my second son was born with a single pushchair and decided to finally take the plunge and buy a double.  My first son suffers with walking difficulties and was constantly hitching a ride on the footrest of our 3 wheeler (an out n about 360 single nipper) but we really needed a better solution.  The Graco Trekko duo to me was an alternative to an expensive Phil and Teds.  It was also one of the few I found in our local shops to actually try out first hand rather than make an online purchase.  The seats are really huge, this had been an important factor for consideration since our very tall nearly 4 year old needed to fit into them!  

We use it with our youngest in the top seat and eldest in the bottom ‘rumble’ seat.  It is a little awkward to get our eldest in but once in he looks very comfortable. His legs and feet can stretch out the entire length of the basket (obviously this then hinders space for shopping, but I did manage a small change bag and 2 4pt bottles of milk today with him there too) and the top of his head is just above the top of the seat.  If you were using with a younger toddler then they would have plenty of room for head and feet.  There is no hood on the bottom seat which is why I would be reluctant to put my baby down there.  There are also 2 reclines on this seat.

The baby actually looks more comfortable in the top seat than he did in our single pushchair.  Yes the recline on the top seat is a little annoying/awkward (with zips and a strap), and it doesn’t quite lay down fully flat, but he looks very comfortable in there and has fallen asleep on both the trips we have made this week since buying it.  The hood is lovely and big and also has a flip down sun visor.  There is enough room to lay baby down flat and have toddler in bottom seat (in the reclined position).  It is too close to my eldest’s head but would be fine for a younger toddler and actually worked for me today when they both fell asleep in it ( so must be very comfy!).

The rain cover covers both children well and has Velcro openings at both the bottom seat level and top seat level.  

I have found it very easy to push. The ride doesn’t seem as smooth as it did with my out n about nipper with pneumatic tyres (the Graco has large plastic wheels), but it certainly feels just as easy to maneuver and turn.  I was worried about the size and width but it hasn’t been an issue and this is my first double so obviously the biggest pushchair I’ve used before.  It can feel a little ‘rickety’ and isn’t as solid as some others out there but hasn’t caused my any concern as yet.  

One thing to note is that it is quite large when folded. A large boot or big hallway needed!  I don’t intend to put mine in the car as it is really for walking around town (we live in city centre). It is also quite heavy if intended to get in and out of car boot, but I’m not sure how it compares to other doubles.

Overall I am very happy with this pushchair for the price I paid (£200 from toys r us), it fits the bill perfectly for our needs.

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