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Opening the Box – Easywalker June Initial Review by Louise – Forward Facing

I have been waiting with great anticipation for the Easywalker June for months now.
It promised to be everything I wanted in a single buggy: off road tyres, large comfortable seat, dinky frame, well made and robust.

On its arrival this morning, I must say I was nervous. I had heard it was tricky to use, and not very intuitive, with particular reference to the seat unit and fold.
With this in mind, I read the instructions (which I rarely do!) and set about putting the June together.

It was surprisingly simple and easy to do. The frame clicked open, the chunky little wheels popped on easily and the seat unit clicked into place without a problem.
Then I tried the fold. Again, simple and the June gave a lovely compact standing fold.
On opening the frame again, my toddler jumped in the seat, and asked to watch his TV programmes in there. I obliged and did up the harness, which again was simple and not at all fiddly. The harness and buckle seems sturdy too, and I don’t think a toddler would be able to undo it.

The padding on the liner and harness straps is lovely, thick and very good quality. The footmuff is lined with a gorgeous soft cuddle fleece.
It has poppers to hold the front flap down neatly; a hook over back to hold it in place when in use; and the front can even be zipped off to use as a liner.

The seat unit is obviously very comfortable, as my 2 year old sat in it for half an hour without a murmur of complaint!

On its first run out, the June came with me on the school run.
The June was set up forward facing for this trip. (*BB EDIT* We particularly asked Louise to try the June forward facing for her first outing. She will report on the seat parent facing use in a future review.)
Our school run is a 40min round trip consisting of steep cambers, pot holed pavements, hills, gravel, and slippery fallen leaves…
The June performed admirably in all of these tests, bumped up curbs, glided through the fallen leaves and gravel paths, and even tackled the steep cambers without hurting my wrists.
The push is great, and it doesn’t seem to matter what weight you have in it, it feels sturdy and pushes nicely empty or full.
I found the recline intuitive, and when my son fell asleep it was easy to lie him back into a comfortable position.
The handle bar height is good, and went high enough for me, and at 5’7 I find I need a ‘high’ handle bar.
The raincover works well, and isn’t too tricky to get on and off. The basket certainly isn’t the largest I’ve used, but it carries the raincover and a few other bits and pieces.
The hood is my main grievance so far. I like that it moves up and down, and also the way it tucks away behind the seat when not in use. However,when you do want to use it, I found the hood small,and ‘close’, leaving the child feeling very enclosed.

On the way home my four year old hitched a ride on the back bar…this is absolutely not something I would normally allow, but I saw this set up in an Easywalker June Facebook picture and I thought I would give it a go.
The June is 100% sturdy and I wasnt worried about it ‘giving’ at all. She was able to stand like this for 15 mins or so giving her legs a little rest.
I absolutely detest buggy boards, I have never found one I do not kick constantly or have to hunch ridiculously in order to push. However this little set up, is perfectly manageable, at least for a child who understands not to hop off unannounced!!

All in all, I found the Easywalker June a joy to use on its first trip out: Dinky, yet sturdy, it does what it says it will.

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