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Babystyle Oyster v’s Mutsy Evo

This set of photos shows the Babysyle Oyster (left with the silver chassis) side by side with the Mutsy Evo (right with the black chassis).

We strongly suggest that you also read the individual pages for these both these pushchairs, under our “Single Pushchairs” section here on Best Buggy to understand these pushchairs more fully. Below is just a very quick summary of the main differences rather than all the features.

The Babystyle Oyster and the Mutsy Evo are both very good mid range pushchairs which have parent or forward facing seats. Both have fairly small, but chunky folds. Both are easy to use and push.

These two pushchairs have very similar seat units. However there is one key difference. The Oyster has 3 recline settings. The Mutsy Evo has 4. The difference this makes is a lot! The Mutsy Evo has a very upright and a flat seat recline. The Oyster has neither of these. It is clear how this affects how a child sits in our “upright” and “fully reclined” photos at the bottom of this photo set.

The girl is aged 3 years 7 months old and is tall for her age (91st centile) – 103cms tall.
The boy is aged 22 months old and is small for his age (9th centile) – 85cms tall.

The Oyster has an extending handlebar, whereas the Evo has a rotating handlebar. This is a key difference as the Mutsy feels a bigger pushchair, whereas the Oyster feels quite neat.

The baskets are quite different. The Mutsy Evo basket needs packing well to prevent items falling out.

Two of these photos show where the pushchairs are getting damaged. Bear in mind both of these pushchairs are practically new. The Oyster is getting scraped on the handle. The Evo along the front of the footrest.

The Mutsy Evo has a handy carrying handle.

The Babystyle Oyster can have colour packs added for interest. However the Oyster hood does not fold flush against the seat. The Evo hood is neater.

Both pushchairs will fold with the seat on in both directions. Forward facing, the fold is neat for both pushchairs. When folding with the seats left on parent facing, the fold is longer on the Oyster, whereas the Mutsy Evo retains its neat fold. (The photos outside are forward facing folds. The photos in the shop illustrate the parent facing fold.)

Both pushchairs will take a buggy board. We like the large space between the handle and the child on the Mutsy Evo for this. The Oyster board is well known for being excellent.

Both are excellent pushchairs!

Thank you to Babystyle and to Mutsy for helping us out with these photos.

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