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Bugaboo Bee v’s Easywalker June v’s Stokke Scoot v’s iCandy Strawberry v’s Baby Jogger City Versa GT

These photos show the Bugaboo Bee, Easywalker June, Stokke Scoot, iCandy Strawberry and Baby Jogger Versa GT (in this order from left to right).

These pushchairs were all chosen for this photoshoot because they all have seats which can face forwards or parent face, PLUS they ALL FOLD NEATLY with the seat left in situ in either direction. Finding pushchairs which fold easily and neatly with the seat left on, is very difficult.

Please note that:

  • These are our ‘working’ pushchairs – these are the set which we use in our every day life here at Best Buggy HQ.
  • These pushchairs are ordered by weight from left to right. The Bee is the lightest. The Versa GT is the heaviest. Please note there is a Baby Jogger Versa option which is lighter.
  • The pushchairs are forward facing in the first photos, followed by the forward facing fold. The photos then are with the seat parent facing, with a parent facing fold. We have also shown the seats off the chassis. There is one photo in the middle which shows that all these pushchairs, except the iCandy Strawberry, have 2 or more stages to the fold / unfold to achieve the neatest fold.
  • We have lined these photos up for each of these photos as best that we can. This may be at the back, front or side. But we have tried to show a true comparison of length and width.
  • These pushchairs have different sized wheels, different features etc. which are worth noting. There are pros and cons to all of these pushchairs. However we are not particularly trying to compare these pushchairs in any way other than visually ie the sizes folded with the seat on in both directions and also what they look like when the pushchairs are open. We will identify some important points below.
  • All seats, footrests, hood heights etc. are set at the maximum. It was too cold, and daylight hours were too short to show what each of these pushchairs is capable of. There are plenty of photos here on Best Buggy of all of these 5 pushchairs, along with reviews and information under “Single Pushchairs”. These should give additional information about where these pushchairs extend (eg footrests, hoods, seat back) as well as their limitations.
  • All the seats are in the most upright position.
  • The handlebar heights vary – some have the handlebar at full extension, some at the correct height for me to push, and in the sideways on photos, we have had to lower handlebars to fit them in the photo!
  • We appreciate there is a price difference between these pushchairs.
  • Please note that two of these pushchairs are suitable from birth – the Bugaboo Bee with the cocoon, and the Stokke Scoot. The other three require carrycots. Please note that the Scoot only has a completely lie flat seating position, and a very upright one – there is no in between recline. Please note that the Versa, and Strawberry offer good leg support for a sleeping child. The June has an extra leg support available as an accessory, but the angle of the seat means children find it comfortable to cross their legs. The Bee has no leg support, however the seat will extend which would support the legs of most under 2 year olds for a nap. The Scoot has no leg support and this is an issue for an older baby / toddler.
  • The Bee, June, Strawberry and Versa have car seat options as a travel system. The Scoot does not.
  • The Scoot has a removable footrest. In these photos we left the footrest on parent facing. It can be removed if not required, or also fitted in a higher position on both sides of the pushchair.

There is a photoset of all these pushchairs with a 2 and 4 year old sat in the seats, here on Best Buggy.

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