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Bugaboo Bee v’s Easywalker June v’s Stokke Scoot v’s iCandy Strawberry v’s Baby Jogger City Versa GT with Children

These photos show a 4 year 4 month old girl (107cms tall, 91st centile) and a 2 year 7 month old boy (87.5cms, 9th centile) in the seats of the Bugaboo Bee, Easywalker June, Stokke Scoot, iCandy Strawberry and Baby Jogger Versa GT (in this order from top to bottom).
These pushchairs were all chosen for this photoshoot because they all have seats which can face forwards or parent face, PLUS they ALL fold NEATLY with the seat left in situ in either direction.

Please note that:

  • We appreciate our eldest is not harnessed in, but these are our ‘working’ pushchairs, and they were all set up for our youngest child. It was freezing cold (2 degrees) and altering one harness, let alone 5, and then altering them back again, was not how we, or our children, wished to spend half term! My children are always harnessed in safely when out and about.
  • The 4 year old no longer rides in a pushchair, so these photos are for illustration purposes to inform anyone who does need a pushchair for an older or taller child. Our daughter said she was comfortable in all the seats.
  • All seats, footrests etc are set at the maximum. Again, we did not have time to tweak each seat for each child, so for example the boy really needed the Bee seat making smaller to sit under his knees and to bring the hood down lower.
  • All the seats are in the most upright position.
  • Please note that two of these pushchairs are suitable from birth – the Bugaboo Bee with the cocoon, and the Stokke Scoot. The other three require carrycots. Please note that the Scoot only has a completely lie flat seating position, and a very upright one – there is no in between. Please note as well which of these pushchairs allow a sleeping child to have their legs supported. The Versa, and Strawberry offer good support. The June has an extra leg support available as an accessory, but the angle of the seat means children find it comfortable to cross their legs. The Bee has no leg support, however the seat will extend which would support the legs of most under 2 year olds for a nap. The Scoot has no leg support and this is an issue for an older baby / toddler.
  • The Bee, June, Strawberry and Versa have car seat options as a travel system. The Scoot does not.
  • The June hood is tucked away behind the seat.
  • The Scoot has a footrest which can be fixed in different places on both sides of the pushchair.

There is a photoset of all these pushchairs together, without the children in the seats, here on Best Buggy.

There are photosets of the children in all of these pushchair under the individual pages for each of these pushchairs. There are also full reviews, and information on all but one of these pushchairs, (and the final one will be done shortly!,) here on Best Buggy under the ”Single Pushchairs” section.

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