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Baby Jogger City Versa GT at Sewerby Hall

This is the second of the Baby Jogger City Versa GT”s wheel muddying outings to a stately home! This time the Baby Jogger Versa GT was on the Yorkshire coast, at the gorgeous Sewerby Hall, for an Easter Egg hunt for children with Down’s Syndrome.
With Easter baskets at the ready, the Easter Bunny appeared and off we went chasing across footpaths, gravel and grass to find the Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden for everyone to find! Even when I slid on the mud, the Versa GT kept on going!

The Baby Jogger Versa GT was the perfect height to pull up to the table for lunch. I must however remember to buy a snack tray as it will be useful for picnic times this spring and summer!

The HUGE basket on the Baby Jogger Versa GT proved its worth, as it was full to the brim. Just when Mr BB said there was no room for any more Easter Eggs, the elasticated sides simply expanded and in went the last one! There was even room for our daughter’s Micro Scooter in the basket! The mesh pocket was really useful for keeping special Easter artwork flat and dry!

Whilst it was absolutely freeeezzzzzinggg on the cliff tops, our son was obviously so comfy in his 7AM Enfant Igloo Blanket that he fell asleep!

Back at the car, the wheels were easy to pop off to keep the car mud free and making them easy to clean!

With many thanks to Downright Special in Hull for inviting us to their Easter Egg hunt!

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