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Easywalker MINI Stroller at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2013

I love it when a company or a pushchair unexpectedly surprises you…..and Easywalker certainly did that this year with their new MINI stroller.

Easywalker have collaborated with the classic UK car, the Mini, to produce their new MINI stroller. The Easywalker MINI Stroller is a fabulous 4 wheel off road, yet small, neat pushchair, with gorgeous fabrics.

The designs are oustanding. We were very, very impressed how Easywalker have taken details like the Union Jack, and have made them look really classic, smart, high quality and stylish. Sadly we dont think you get a good impression from the photos – the fabrics look fantastic in real life. If you haven’t spotted it (and we looked twice) the black MINI in the photos, also has a Union Jack on it. It is incredibly subtle but SOOOOO stylish! There is also a classic Mini stripe version in chilli red, laser blue and black.

Easywalker have created matching MINI pushchair blankets, footmuffs, parasol and changing bags. We love the inside of the parasol.

There is a great “Mix and Match” on the Easywalker website which shows how the Easywalker MINI stroller can be built with a choice of 5 fabrics, the black or silver chassis and white or black rim colours. I have to say I would love a Union Jack or Black Jack with black chassis and black wheel rims! However the white wheel rims do give a sporty look!

The Easywalker MINI stroller has similarities with the June. However the MINI chassis has been improved to give the MINI Stroller better steering and the MINI stroller can easily can be tipped up a kerb!!!!
We, at Best Buggy, gave the new MINI stroller the ultimate test! I sat our heavy 4 and a half year old in the seat of the MINI stroller, parent facing and handed it over to Mr BB for testing. (Mr BB was unable to get the June to tip up a kerb parent facing.) However as the photo shows, he lifted the wheels of the MINI stroller off the ground so easily that Miss BB would have flown out if she wasn’t harnessed in!!

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, we could not believe our eyes!!!


Easywalker didn’t stop there! They have also added on a more upright seating position, and leather handlebar as well!
WOW! What a pushchair!

THANK YOU EASYWALKER, not only for listening, but actually resolving the issues we discovered with the June and producing something even better in the new MINI stroller. We at Best Buggy are absolutely thrilled that you have been able to do something about these details.

The new Easywalker MINI stroller, should hopefully be the perfect pushchair for us. We are sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW!

We literally danced away from the Harrogate Show with excitment.

A pushchair, that we love, has been improved, redesigned, and has some awesome fabric designs too. How much better than that does it get???!!

We absolutely CAN NOT wait for the new Easywalker MINI stroller to hit the shops this autumn!!!

The Easywalker MINI will be in shops in the UK from October 2013.

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