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Graco Symbio Review

I love this pram!! The main reasons I got the Graco Symbio was for the handle – you have option of parent facing or forward facing without moving the seat. The wheels stay in same place so it is not very easy to push if you start in one direction & move handle to try other however I thought would be handy for in cafes when baby is perhaps not eating full meal but wants to be part of meal anyway. Its also handy to do a nappy change without the handle in the way, because where I live there is a lack of baby changing facilities.

The Graco Symbio looks nice, is easy to push & easy to fold.

I have no car so the Graco Symbio perfect for me however if ynou have a car would imagine it wouldnt be that great as is quite heavy, to lift although light to push.

The carrycot comes with the option to raise the back of mattress up & down which is handy if baby just fed & has to go back into pram, or for nosey babies not ready for seat unit. The carrycot is lovely & dark so baby gets a break but it has pale grey inside to be able to see

The brakes on the Symbio are easy too. They are on the handle so there is no fiddling underneath with stiff brakes scuffing your shoes. However it only locks the back brake (which is case for most prams) & thus the Symbio slides about on buses.

When baby goes to seat unit the change bag is hooked onto back of seat which is really handy & keeps it out the way

The hoods are nice & big so they cover baby without obscuring view.

The Symbio basket is small so can’t fit in a lot & certainly doesnt fit the rain cover in unless you stand on it to flatten it!

The only other downfall is the compatible car seat is bigger than others & in a lot of cars I cant fit belt round which would be dangerous. I dont use it enough to get a base but I may have to for future babies

Really the Graco Symbio is very good pram that I hope to last a few years.

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