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Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 V2 Single Review by Milena

I have now used my Nipper daily for 6 months and I now feel confident enough to write this review.

When I collected the Nipper it came in a smallish box and having never seen it other than in photos I was afraid that it would be complicated to set up. Well to be totally honest I was very wrong. All you need to do is pop the wheels on, even the front wheel is very easy to attach. Then you can put the liner on and adjust the harness, that’s it! You’re ready to go. Simple as that!

As it was already night time I had to wait till the morning to try my 1 year old boy in his new ride. Well he noticed it straight away as it’s a gorgeous red colour.

First walk was a huge success! I have to say that to this day the pushchair glides on it’s own, I only have to push it when we go up a hill… The suspension is brilliant and you can control it even more with the amount of pressure in the tyres.

My son always looks very comfortable in the Nipper, he has had many long naps in it.

The seat unit is nice and large, although I’m sure that an older and bigger child will be comfortable in it I don’t see a taller toddler having naps in it as the seat back is not that high as the actual head room under the canopy.

The recline is my only niggle on this pushchair. As much as I appreciate the infinite positions that you can set it in using the strap it’s extremely hard to put the seat back up with a child. I actually ask my son to sit up on his own (we’re using only the 3 point harness now) and when his upright I put the seat back up. When I try to do it with my son lying there it’s an almost 3 handed job, I use both hands and my knee to put it up. When my son is not sleeping I find that I can’t put the seat really upright as it makes him uncomfortable, I think this is due to the bucket shape of the seat and it would make his legs press on his tummy. He prefers to be slightly reclined and if he wants to sit up he grabs the bumper bar and is happy this way. In our previous pushchairs he always wanted to be as upright as he could so this was a surprise for me.

I like that the harness has two shoulder height and two crotch strap positions to choose from. The buckle is simple and I don’t see my son opening it on his own for some time yet. I’d love to see some shoulder pads though as we had to buy some seperately as the harness rubbed against my son’s neck in the summer.

The canopy, it’s a good size but I’d prefer it to go down a bit in the front, as it is it doesn’t shade my son unless the sun is directly above his head. I like the peep hole but it is velcro opening so I keep it opened and attached on top with another velcro.

I know that some people don’t like the mesh opening directly above the child’s head when they’re reclined but it’s never bothered my boy. It kept him cooler in the summer and in the winter my son always has a hat on so it’s not an issue for us.

The wheels on the Nipper are a great size, they’re all 12 inch air filled tyres. You can lock the front wheel straight but to be honest the mechanism to do that is slightly fiddly and I only used it a couple of times. We go off-roading on a regular basis and it’s never bother me to have the wheel on swivel.

Now I have to mention that at the moment this is our only pushchair, we tried some other small folding ones but neither of us liked them so we’re sticking to the Nipper.

The fold is very easy to do once you know how, there are clips on both sides of the frame and one of them has a safety pin that needs undoing and putting back in when unfolding. It takes me probably 30seconds to fold the pushchair. I do find that you cannot have anything in the pouch on the back of the seat to lock the chassis. It’s even harder to lock it with the shopping basket attached, I usually leave it unlocked to keep the whole process easier. I have to say that this is one of lighter all terrain pushchairs at 9,8 kg and it’s very easy to lift it up. I can carry it up or down steps with my son in it without problems. The only problem is our car which is a saloon car and it has a rather small opening that is also quite high so I do appreciate the weight of the Nipper.

The brake is situated in the middle of the rear axle and you can’t really miss it as it’s red :) it’s very easy to apply and you can either flip it up with your toes or step on it to disengage. One thing to note is that sometimes I have to rock the pushchair away from me or towards me to move the wheels as the brake has to engage in specific holes and you need to align those together. Again not an issue for me and it makes the brake very stable. There’s also a wrist strap that I use all the time as we leave on a steep hill and I do recommend using it for safety.

The raincover that is included goes over the whole pushchair including the back so it does cover the mesh part when the seat is reclined. Unfortunately my raincover is very stiff and it’s hard for me to secure it in the front with a popper and to do the velcro in the back as it’s such a tight fit.

The new Nipper V2 can also be used from birth either in the seat or with the use of a carrycot or car seat adaptors to make it a travel system.

The width of the Nipper hasn’t been an issue for us, I believe it’s 62 cm wide and it’s fits everywhere I need it to. We have taken it to some very small shops as well as parks and it never struggles to fit in the doorways or park gates so that’s a huge positive.

I do not recommend hanging anything heavier from the handlebar, I have to say that even a light changing bag made the Nipper very tippy and also we’ve noticed a lot of side movement in the frame when we put something on the handle.

I wasn’t keen on the new style shopping basket and took a chance and bought the old one that as used on the previous version, it’s not perfect, it covers the brake and I could only do 2 button on the back but the brake is still just as easy to apply and he basket feels secure. Now I have somewhere to put my changing bag. I do love the huge pocket on the back of the seat, it’s great for smaller items, raincover and lots more. There are also pockets on both sides of the hood, also brilliant to keep a phone and keys at hand. I’m also using the Sunshine Kids organiser and it fits the Nipper perfectly.

In conclusion I absolutely love our Nipper. The few things that I’d changed would be the seat recline and the raincover. Also it would be great if it had a smaller folded size like let’s say the Baby Jogger Summit XC. Speaking of which I did consider the Summit when we were looking for a new all terrain pushchair but it was almost twice the price (with the raincover) and at the time I only saw the difference in the fold which wasn’t my concern. Now I’d love to try the Summit alongside the Nipper. I do prefer the bigger wheels on the Summit and the hand brake that I could certainly use. I can honestly recommend the Nipper to anyone who needs a good, sturdy pushchair that can tackle any terrain and at a very competitive price.

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