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Out ‘n About Nipper Single in the Snow

We have had snow again here at Best Buggy HQ. This time it was the turn of the Out ‘n’ About Nipper to be put through its paces.
Even though the snow was 6-10 inches in places, the Nipper ploughed straight through everything that we attempted. The push was effortless despite the snow, and the suspsension absorbed any lumpy bumpy icy parts well.

Our only niggle (as always) is the open mesh behind the head of the child. If we turned the child round so that his back was to the wind, (as you would usually do,) then the wind howled past his neck and ears instead. But that is a minor point compared to how good the Nipper was to use in snow.

Just to add, Mr BB (who tolerates different pushchairs every day) set the Nipper up for the first time, and forgot to do the side clasps and pin up. I only noticed at the end of the outing that they hadn’t been done up. Mr BB got duly chastised! We have more photosets of the Nipper to follow showing it properly set up.

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