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Kiddy Click ‘N Move 3

We were very impressed when we saw the Kiddy Click ‘N Move 3 at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. The Kiddy Click ‘N Move is a travel system with carrycot, reversible seat unit and car seat options. It has a large basket, big hood and rotating adjustable handlebar. However the Click ‘N Move has a few extra surprises!

Our favourite feature was the built in raincover in the bumper bar!!! We have long been campaigning for in built raincovers on pushchairs because we personally either never remember to take a raincover, or simply don’t have room in the basket for one. So to find a raincover built inside the bumper bar was utter genius. We were VERY impressed!! The Kiddy raincover does only cover the area below the bumper bar, but the large hood would keep the upper half of a child dry. It was very simple to unzip the bumper bar and then pull the raincover down over the leg area.
We also really liked the cover for the shopping basket to stop items getting wet or blowing away.
We noted with the City ‘N Move that Kiddy pay attention to details for example, how they use their logo. We loved that someone had decided to imprint the Kiddy logo onto the wheels of the Click ‘N Move.

The Kiddy Evolution Pro car seat is a brilliant car seat which lies flat for a newborn. Thus a baby can stay in the car seat f0r longer than the usual recommended time for infant carriers because the lie flat position is healthier for a baby’s growing spine, lungs and blood saturation levels. The Evolution Pro has been certified as being good for healthy backs by the ‘Campaign for Healthier Backs’. There is also an optional special car seat insert for premature babies which supports their head and also stops them slipping down in the seat unit. The pop up car seat rain and insect net covers were very clever and handy too. We love that an SPF Factor 80 parasol can be attached to the car seat too!

All round the combination of a pushchair chassis, with a reversible seat unit, with a lie flat car seat and carrycot option for a newborn, looks excellent. We know the team worked very hard to try to combine their knowledge to produce a well thought out pushchair, and it looks like they did a good job.

Prices are £275 for the Click ‘N Move pushchair. £100 for the carrycot. £150 for the Evolution Pro car seat and £110 for the Isofix base.

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