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Baby Jogger City Elite v’s Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 V2

This photoset shows the Baby Jogger City Elite (Stone) side by side with the Out ‘n’ About Nipper 360 (black).

These photos are to give an idea of the size and main features of both pushchairs. For more detailed reviews of each please look under the “Single Pushchairs” section here on Best Buggy.

The children are our 4 years and 6 months old (107cms tall, 91st centile) girl and our 2 year 9 month old (87.5cms, 9th centile) boy. Please bear in mind that our 4 and a half year old has HUGE size 12 feet!

It is worth noting that there is a big price difference between these pushchairs. However the basket on the Nipper is an extra cost. The Nipper comes with a bumper bar and a raincover. The Elite comes with a basket but the bumper bar and raincover are extras.

The Nipper has a huge drawstring pocket at the rear of the seat. The Elite has a large pocket too, but it is flatter. The Elite has a 3 pocket parent console on the top between the hood and handlebar.

Both pushchairs have a single toggle recline which means the seat can be put anywhere between upright and lie flat. Both pushchair seats are suitable from birth. The Nipper has mesh at the rear of the reclined seat. The Elite also has mesh, but the Elite comes with a storm cover, which can easily be pulled down to afford protection for a sleeping child.

Both pushchairs have optional carrycot and car seat options for a newborn baby. However both pushchairs are suitable from birth.

The Elite has a handbrake on the side of the pushchair and a lift up calf support for a sleeping baby. The Nipper has a foot brake.

The Elite is considerably heavier than the Nipper. Both handle well with different aged children in the seats.

Both pushchairs have an adjustable handle, although the Nipper handlebar is noticeably lower when at the highest point than the Elite.

The Elite has the awesome one handed fold. There is an autolock on the Elite although in practice it doesn’t always catch. However the advantage of this is that the Elite does simply flick open to use. The Nipper is not too bad to fold – there are several steps e.g. undoing clips and a pin and then folding – but its not hard. These clips and pin need fixing when reopening.

All round these two pushchairs are both excellent.

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