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Baby Jogger Summit X3 v’s Baby Jogger Summit XC by JBH

This is my brief first impressions review outlining the new features and the improvements on the new Baby Jogger Summit x3.
The greatest thing about the new Baby Jogger Summit X3 would be…it’s a *much* flatter fold once you pop the wheels off. It will now fit in the back of our old zafira even with all seats up.
The front wheel suspension is located higher up, less inclined to get clarted in mud.
The seat recline is near flat. Much flatter than previous Summit models.
The swivel lock is a hand lock on the frame, which means I’m more likely to use it going on and off rough ground.
The Summit X3  front wheel now locks rearwards, not forwards which seems much more logical because this reduces drag or pulling to the side from any “play” on the front wheel when locked. The lock is firmer, and there is tracking which works well.
The Summit X3 fabrics are thicker and more the quality you find on the Baby Jogger City Versa or the Elite.
The overall width of the Summit X3 stroller is 25″ which makes a huge difference to me in our hallway (which is v small and not at all spacious!). This also makes the Summit X3 more nimble the closer the rear wheels to each other the zippier the manoeuverability.
The new Summit X3 footwell contains feet well and there’s less dangling them over the sides, than there was with the older Summit XC model.
The Summit X3 looks more modern and sporty than its predecessor. It was ready for a style makeover and they did this extremely well!
Oh, and the Summit X3 basket is huuuuuge and much easier to access. This is very important if you have a large family because everyone and the dog want their raincoat and picnic and water bottle in there!
The Summit rain-cover has a Velcro slit to access the switch lock, it also has a handy zip opening so you can ventilate when going indoors without the need to remove the dripping wet raincover.
The rain-cover is a good and generous fit and is easy to use.
The swivel mechanism on the front wheel now has bearings (like wheels have!) which means it swivels with the utmost of smoothness. It’s one thing I really admire in off road pushchairs and is rare to find. You don’t get this feature on a Mountain Buggy! (Brands I know that have it are the Bob strollers, and I think also the Easywalker brand though don’t quote me on that!).
The other thing was that the quick release mechanism for the rear wheels has been improved and is now a couple of easy to use levers (even if its cold and you have gloves on).
The quick release for the front wheel is a small black button discretely hidden up underneath the footplate on the LH side. It’s fine and easy to use once you know where it’s located. I had palpitations while I searched for it, I momentarily wondered if they’d decided to ditch the quick release feature and have that front wheel permanently mounted! Thankfully the feature is still there.
There have been sooo many fantastic improvements and new features on this 3rd generation model, again I will say at £399.99 its absolutely fantastic value for money. Truly it is.

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