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Graco Evo with Children

These photos show the Graco Evo with the children in the seats. The boy is 2 years 9 months old (87.5cms tall, 9th centile) and the girl is 4 years 6 months old (107cms tall, 91st centile).

Whilst the girl rarely rides these days in a pushchair, we find it useful to put her into larger pushchair seats to see how she looks. We love how the seat footrest can be tucked well under the seat unit, thus allowing her to rest her feet on the chassis footrest below the seat. A lot of pushchairs look like they have footrests for older children, but few work well in reality. The Graco Evo lower footrest works very well.
She is able to still use the seat unit footrest too – the lie flat photos show this. It is interesting that she was able to lie flat in the seat. This shows that the Graco Evo has a great sized seat and will easily last a typical child from birth until the end of their pushchair using days.

Our son is small for his age, but it is clear that his feet aren’t quite touching the end of the pushchair seat (see the lie flat sideways photo) yet, and children’s knees at that point start to bend more anyway as his sister does. He has loads of room for growth.

Both children look very comfortable in this pushchair – and our daughter very much liked the seat and said it was comfortable for her. She also liked the swing away bumper bar which made it easy for her to hop in and out of the seat unit.

It was easy to push her in the Graco Evo. I took her whizzing along paths and over medium length grass and it handled her weight well.

We at Best Buggy HQ are very impressed with the Graco Evo!

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