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Out ‘n’ About Nipper v’s B.O.B Revolution CE v’s Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle v’s Baby Jogger City Elite

This set of side by side comparisons shows four 3 wheeled all terrain pushchairs.

On the far left is the Out ‘n’ About Nipper V2. The pushchair next to the Nipper is the B.O.B Revolution CE in Plum. The pushchair with the blue interior is the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Runway Special Edition. Finally on the right, with the Stone coloured hood, is the Baby Jogger City Elite. They are lined up with the lightest pushchair on the left ie the Nipper. The Elite on the right is the heaviest pushchair.

We will review each of these pushchairs in detail under the individual pushchair pages. These photos are purely to show size, proportion, basket access etc. side by side. Our “Compare Pushchairs” tool has the pushchair and seat measurements.

These pushchairs were all chosen because the wheel size are very similar. They are pushchairs which should be well suited to both the town and the countryside. They should be able to tackle all but the toughest terrain with ease. Three of these pushchair have bigger wheeled siblings for those who want to tackle more challenging terrain!!

Here at Best Buggy HQ we tend to group similar pushchairs by purpose / ability more than price. However it is worth mentioning that although the B.O.B., Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger are all fairly similar in price, however the Nipper is substantially cheaper (up to £200 cheaper) depending on where you purchase it.

Other things to note are:

We lock wheels to keep them straight for our photos. However whilst 3 of the pushchairs have wheels which lock underneath the front of the pushchair, the B.O.B. front wheel locks forwards. This may make the B.O.B. appear longer than it actually would be when pushing in real life, when the front wheel would actually be tucked underneath the pushchair. The B.O.B. also is the only pushchair of this set which has front wheel tracking AND adjustable suspension!

The Nipper basket is an optional extra and is hard to access, however the Nipper has lots of additional storage – a huge drawstring pocket at the back of the seat, and zipped side pockets on each side of the hood. The B.O.B. and Elite both have handy mesh pockets on the rear the seat unit. B.O.B. Also has two pockets for drinks on either side of the seat unit. The Elite has a parent console with three pockets for drinks and other items.

The Elite has a handbrake on the side of the pushchair by the hood. The other pushchairs have footbrakes. The Urban Jungle footbrake ends up very close to the floor and is difficult to flick off when you need to go. I was unable to get my foot underneath the red capped ends and had to use my hand at times.

All of these pushchairs have drawstring / toggle reclines. B.O.B. and the Urban Jungle have two drawstrings, the Nipper and Elite just have one.

The Elite has a lift up calf rest which is handy to keep the legs of a sleeping child in line with their body. This Elite was missing the support bracket hence not being pictured.

All the pushchairs have a plastic viewing window on top of the hood. The Elite has two additional ventilation windows on each side of the hood. The Elite has mesh at the rear of the reclined seat. However there is a storm flap which covers this if required. The Nipper has mesh at the rear of a reclined seat, but there is no cover. The B.O.B. has a small flap at the top of the seat which can be pulled down or velcroed up for ventilation or to see your child.

The folds are all different on these pushchairs. The Elite is the easiest to fold – simply grab the centre handle and pull. However the B.O.B. and Urban Jungle are really not much harder – the B.O.B. is a two step fold – squeeze two levers, fold the top half over and pull the red handle upwards and it folds very quickly. The Urban Jungle has two buttons by the footrest which fold the pushchair flat quickly. However the Urban Jungle does need floor space which is the length of the pushchair to fold. The Nipper is still fairly easy to fold. However there are 2 safety clips and a pin which need undoing before the Nipper will fold. A lot of small steps. The Elite has an autolock. All the others require a manual storage strap or lock applying.

Opening is fairly easy on all these pushchairs. The Elite needs the storage lock undoing and then can be literally flicked open. The Urban Jungle simply needs the storage lock undoing and then can be pulled up (or dropped down if in the car boot) to standing very easily. The B.O.B. needs the storage lock undoing and then there are two steps – the wheels need flicking apart (a little tricky) and the back needs bringing up straight. However this is easier than other pushchairs with a similar trifold. The Nipper again needs the manual lock undoing and then will flick open. It then has two locks which need pressing down and a pin posting through a hole on the side and locking.

The Baby Jogger Elite has ‘Forever Air’ non puncture tyres. The other three all have pneumatic tyres.

B.O.B. has a fixed height handlebar. All the rest have adjustable handlebars. The photos show the upper and lower levels of the handlebars.

All of these seat units lie flat, thus are suitable for a newborn. The Nipper, Urban Jungle and Elite can all have carrycots and car seats added to form a travel system. The B.O.B. can have a car seat added, but there is no carrycot.

The Nipper and Urban Jungle come with a bumper bar. The Elite has an optional bumper bar or snack tray. B.O.B. has an optional snack tray.

The Urban Jungle will easily freestand when folded. We were able to get the Nipper to freestand, however not in these photos! It refused to stay put! All these pushchairs have rear wheels which are easy to remove.

Only the Nipper comes with a raincover in the box. Raincovers are an extra accessory on the other pushchairs.



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