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Out ‘n’ About Nipper v’s Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

This photoset shows the Out ‘n’ About Nipper (Black, on left) side by side with the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (Runway edition) (Blue, on right)

These photos are to give an idea of the size and main features of both pushchairs. For more detailed reviews of each please look under the “Single Pushchairs” section here on Best Buggy.

There is quite a price difference between these pushchairs with the Nipper being cheaper than the Urban Jungle. The Nipper comes with a raincover, but no basket. The Urban Jungle comes with a basket but no raincover.

The most noticeable difference between these two is in seat size. If you look at the photos of the children in the bottom, you can see that the Urban Jungle has much more room for both children in the seat. The children are our 4 years and 6 months old (107cms tall, 91st centile) girl and our 2 year 9 month old (87.5cms, 9th centile) boy. However our eldest does like the Nipper – she says its comfy and she always snuggles into it.

Both pushchairs are suitable from birth, and both have carrycot and car seat options. The Nipper has a single toggle recline and the Urban Jungle has a two toggle recline. Both pushchairs have issues with fabric bunching up around the child’s head when the child is sat up from being reclined. The photos show what we mean. The fabric can be pushed behind the seat as in some of our photos, however this then makes it harder for the seat to be reclined next time.

The Urban Jungle has an enclosed seat unit making it snug in winter. The Nipper has mesh behind the head of a sleeping child which we are not keen on in winter. However it gives ventilation in summer. The Nipper hood is quite flat; the Urban Jungle hood has a flick out visor although in reality it doesn’t add much benefit and looks messy.

Both pushchairs have excellent storage. The Nipper in particular has a huge drawstring pocket on the rear of the seat. The drawstring is handy to keep items in even when the seat is reclined. The Nipper does not come with the underneath basket as standard. The basket is quite hard to access and we are unable to put larger items in without undoing the basket sides. The Nipper also has some handy pockets in both sides of the hood.
The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle has a fab basket which has various pockets and pouches in it as well as a large main section.

The Urban Jungle handlebar goes much higher than the Nipper handlebar can. However both handlebars are adjustable. The Urban Jungle handlebar is ribbed and we find this uncomfortable. The Nipper handlebar is foam.

Both pushchairs have air tyres. The wheels can all be removed fairly easily. The front wheels on both would take a few moments to unscrew, so are not quick release.

Both pushchairs are a similar size folded. We managed to get both pushchairs freestanding for our photo, but the Urban Jungle easily freestands – the Nipper was more of a fluke and we struggled to get it to freestand for other photos!

Both of these pushchairs are excellent. Although the Nipper maybe looks small, its lovely to use, and would easily last any child up to the age of 3, and probably beyond.

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