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B.O.B. Revolution CE

This photoset is of the B.O.B. Revolution CE.

The B.O.B. strollers are famous for their huge seats and all terrain capacities. The B.O.B. Revolution CE however bridges the gap which most parents have, between using the same pushchair off road on a weekend, but around the shops and city centre during the week. The rear wheels on the CE are slightly smaller, than the bigger Revolution SE wheels.

Things to note are the huge seat with its storage pockets. Note the adjustable suspension for children of different weights. The front wheel swivels but also locks forwards, rather than underneath like many of its competitors. There is also tracking on the front wheel.

There are some great details on the B.O.B. Revolution CE including the red D rings on the harness to enable swift harness tightening. The peekaboo window has been thought through with somewhere to store the flap. We also like the pull cords to aide easy hood pulling up. There is also a gap at the rear of the seat which velcros up when warm, so that the child can easily talk and see you.

The B.O.B. Revolution CE seat is suitable from 6 months old until 17kgs.

The fold is a Trifold. In reality this is simple – fold the top half over and pull the red handle. The B.O.B. Revolution CE folds easily in the hand, and is surprisingly light to put into a car boot.

The girl is aged 4 years 7 months old (107cms tall, 91st centile) and the boy is 2 years 10 months old (87.5cms tall, 9th centile).


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