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B.O.B. Revolution CE at the Farm

These are just a few photos of the B.O.B. Revolution CE out and about at the local farm.

The B.O.B. Revolution CE coped well with all the different surfaces that are encountered on the farm,including rough grass, bumpy ground, uneven paving and edges, playground bark and more. It was also no problem to manoeuvre through the tighter spaces in the farm shop!

The boy is aged 2 years 10 months old (87.5cms tall, 9th centile). He looked very comfy throughout the outing in the huge seat. We loved that the harness straps are very adjustable, and could easily be pulled tight to keep him secure.

There is plenty of storage on the B.O.B. Revolution CE – there is a large basket which easily took several bags, a large mesh pocket on the rear of the seat, and 2 mesh pockets either side of the child.

We loved the huge hood to shield our son from the sun, plus the open space at the rear of the seat was useful for additional ventilation and so that he could see and hear us.

The B.O.B. Revolution CE was the perfect pushchair to take to the farm!

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