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Britax Affinity

These photos are of the stylish Britax Affinity.

The Britax Affinity comes with a choice of 3 chassis colours – black, white or silver.
There is then a choice of  colour packs in stunning colours: Blue Sky, Chilli Pepper, Cool Berry, Cactus Green, Black Thunder or Fossil Brown.

Our Britax Affinity has a black chassis and a Cactus Green colour pack. We especially love the fabric inside the hood and on the footmuff, on some of these colours – including the green. We love that its easy to simply buy a new colour pack to have a change or look, or for a new baby.

The Britax Affinity comes with the seat unit. However there is the choice of a hard bodied carrycot, and the CLICK & GO adaptors mean that a Britax infant carrier can easily be added onto the chassis to form a travel system. The carrycot folds down for storage.

The Britax Affinity has lots of neat features such as adjustable rear suspension; reclining buttons underneath the leg rest part of the seat unit; air tyres which give a really smooth ride; and a unique theft protection number.

We LOVED the changing bag when we saw it. We love the unusual access through the side of the changing bag (the top when its laid flat) with a super long changing mat. Our youngest is nearly 3 years old, and still in nappies. Trying to find a long changing mat for him is a challenge, but the Affinity changing mat is great for him.


Please read out full review of the Britax Affinity to find out more about this pushchair.

With many thanks to Britax for the use of their pushchair. 

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