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Kiddü Omari Review by Best Buggy

The Kiddü Omari is a forward facing pushchair which is suitable from birth. The Kiddü Omari looks smart and modern; has a freestanding fold; comes with extras such as a child snack tray, parent cup holder, raincover and large basket. All this yet the Omari can be bought with change from £120.

First impressions

Our first impressions of the Kiddü Omari were surprisingly good. We liked the smart black fabric with the funky black and red striped lined hood and accents. There is some initial building to do on the pushchair – the wheels, brake, hood, snack tray and cup holder all need fitting. The wheels were a little fiddly and the centre split pins needed help to push on. We also were not sure which front wheel went on which side – they are marked with an “L” and “R” but there is no corresponding letter on the chassis, and nothing in the instructions to tell you which is the left or right of the pushchair! We finally decided the front wheels fitted best one way round, but even during taking our photoset, we removed the front wheels again to check as they didn’t seem right. Overall the set up was not hard, and did not take long.

We very much liked that the raincover, snack tray and cupholder are all included in the box. Great value for money!

Child Comfort

The Kiddü Omari has a good sized seat. Our son is 2 years 11 months old (91 cms tall, 18th centile), and realistically would be reaching the end of the period of time where he would be using a pushchair. Thus our photos show, how the Kiddü Omari can easily last a child from birth to three. He has plenty of space to grow, his head is not quite at the top of the seat unit, and his feet comfortably reach the footrest. We loved the large shoulder pads.

The Kiddü Omari seat looks quite spacious – however there are metal bars running underneath the sides of the seat unit. We felt a child’s bottom really needed to fit between the metal bars underneath to be comfy. Thus, this is one of the few pushchairs where we have not measured the full extent of the seat fabric width – instead we measured between the bars.
In front of top of the seat, is a flap of fabric. This sits up proud when the seat is fully reclined to offer some head protection to a sleeping child. However when the seat is upright, it does look messy, plus the child’s head is resting on the fabric, thus we pushed it behind the seat each time. This could get a bit annoying if you are constantly reclining and sitting the seat up.

Our biggest concern with the Kiddü Omari is the harness. Our son is nearly 3 years old, and yet we could not get the shoulder straps in particular to fit him tightly enough. As the photos show, there was a huge excess of harness, and this was sufficient for him to repeatedly slide his hand underneath the shoulder straps – we had to buy a Belt-Upp clip to stop him doing this, and to keep him safe. The Omari is meant to be suitable from birth but we would have concerns about how to keep a newborn secure in the seat. There is only one harness height setting which does not give much scope to differientiate between the size of a newborn and the size of a 15kgs child. We suggest that adding a cocoon or footmuff may make the seat straps tighter, as would wearing coats in winter. But be vigilant to this.

The seat has three recline positions including a lie flat position which is suitable for a newborn baby, and an upright seating position which is great for an older toddler. The recline is done using a fairly rudimentary button on the rear of the seat, and the mechanism feels a little flimsy. However this did the job fine.


The Kiddü Omari hood is a reasonable size and gives good cover for its passenger. The front section locks open to prevent the hood closing in high winds. Kiddü appear to have put a lot of thought into the hood. There is a mesh covered peekaboo window. This closes with a velcro tab. However there is no way to keep this window open. This is compensated for by two triangular shaped side vents on the hood. These roll up very neatly and fasten with a toggle. This is an excellent feature on any pushchair, but especially so on a buggy at this price point.
The rear of the hood will also zip open for additional ventilation, or for a view of your child. However this rear section does not zip off.

Wheels, Brake and Suspension

The Kiddü Omari wheels are small hard plastic wheels. The front wheels are supposed to be lockable swivel wheels, however we simply could not get ours to lock. We even took the wheels off to check that they were ok. The suspension is fairly hard. We did find the Omari quite rattly along hard surfaces. The manoeuverability was good though, and we love how narrow the Omari is at just 51cms wide. Great for tight spaces and buses.

The brake simply flicks on and off. We had to make sure the brake flicked off again properly or else it catches, but that was no problem.

Handlebar and Basket

The handlebar is a fixed height. It was fine for me at 5ft 6ins tall, but it was too low for Mr BB at nearly 6ft. The handlebar is covered in fairly soft foam. However the central section of the handlebar is plastic, which should protect the handlebar from most knocks.

The Kiddü Omari basket is a generous size and is deep. We LOVED the basket because children need a lot of stuff! We had no fear of anything falling out.


The Kiddü Omari comes with a gate opening snack tray which was a bonus! The snack tray moves completely out of the way for great access. My son loved putting a cup in and out of the cupholder part, and the tray was handy when out and about. The parent isn’t left out either – they get a cupholder too! A lot of more expensive pushchair manufacturers charge extra for these accessories, but they come as standard on the Omari. There is also a raincover included in the package too! Well done Kiddü.

Fold and Unfold

One of the biggest plus points of the Kiddü Omari is the fold. The pushchair ‘Z’ folds into a freestanding position. This is really handy to have when storing the pushchair at home, or even when out and about. For car users, this makes the Omari a fairly compact package. We LOVED the 7.5kgs weight of the Omari and to be honest, this very light weight, and yet sturdy pushchair is probably its biggest selling point. We haven’t tried carrying the Omari up stairs, but if I were going to carry any pushchair, then the Omari would be one I would try! The Omari has a large plastic locking clip too, which makes it easy to lift and carry. However we suspect the fold could be more compact with a shorter locking clip.
The fold itself is done by pressing in the button on the handle whilst squeezing the grey button in on the handle, and moving the slider on the right hand side. The pushchair then folds easily down and inwards. Annoyingly though the seat recline drops down, so at the end of the fold, the seat recline needs putting back up again to make the most compact fold.
Unfolding is easy – simply undo the fold lock and flick the pushchair open.

In Conclusion

The Kiddü Omari offers fantastic value for money. The quality seems good for the price. We loved the smart black and red styling, and the cute logo. We were surprised at the extras which were included in the box – the cupholders, snack tray and raincover, and the attention to detail on the hood! The Omari was fine to push, if a little hard on the suspension. Be aware of the large harness, and consider adding on clip e.g. Houdini Stop or Belt Upp or cocoon to keep your child safe. The fold, huge basket, and the light weight of the pushchair, really are the best selling points, for this great value for money pushchair.

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