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Babystyle Oyster Gem

This photoset shows the new Babystyle Oyster Gem.
This particular pushchair is one of several which are currently on test pre launch. Thus PLEASE be aware details may change as a result of feedback from testers. However these photos should give a good overview of how the Oyster Gem will work.

The Oyster Gem will consist of the chassis and a reversible seat unit. This seat is a solid construction bucket seat which faces either forward or backwards. This seat clips onto the chassis into sockets on the side of the frame. This seat will probably get called the ‘baby’ seat, but it is certified for use up to 15kgs. We have been using it lots with our now 3 year old. This reversible seat has 3 recline positions. The recline is done by pressing your fingers on two circles hidden under the seat liner and tilting the seat. The seat liner can be removed.

There is also another seat which is available to buy as an extra. This seat is a larger fabric hammock seat. This attaches onto the chassis using poppers, clips and velcro webbing. This may sound complicated but it does literally take a few minutes to swap from one seat to the other. Rather surprisingly this hammock seat DOES have a recline! We did try the seat liner in this seat and it will fit.

The hood transfers from one seat to the other. The hood has an extra zipped on back panel on the rear of the hood. This panel needs removing when using the reversible seat, but needs zipping back on on when using the hammock seat.

The addition of a car seat will make the Oyster Gem into a useful travel system, and for newborn babies, there is a parent facing carrycot option.

We did also experiment with with putting the reversible seat on top of the fabric hammock and the reversible seat still fits and reclines.  We can see this being useful for families who need a pushchair which will easily interchange between two children of different ages for different outings.

Do note that the fold is very small on this pushchair. The hammock seat and the reversible seat forward facing can be left in situ when folding. A parent facing reversible seat needs removing before folding. We suspect that this pushchair could be of huge interest to anyone who needs to carry a pushchair up stairs.

There is a small but perfectly formed basket – it is perfectly formed because we have been able to get two good sized bags stood up in the basket – this is as much, or more than some larger pushchair baskets can hold.

There is a choice of colour packs (hood, footmuff and liner) for the Oyster Gem – Black, Tomato, Ocean, Lime and Grape. The seat units themselves are black. So it would be very easy to buy a different colour for a fresh look. The Oyster Gem also comes with a raincover.

Our out and about photos will show that we have used both the reversible seat – forward and reverse facing, and also the larger toddler seat. We have had our nearly 5 year old in the toddler seat, and the photos will confirm that this seat is huge! Equally the smaller seat is not that small! For a tiny, neat folding pushchair, the Oyster Gem can certainly comfortable seat a typical child from birth until the end of their pushchair using days.

With many thanks to Babystyle and to Nick.


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