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Quinny Buzz 3

I bought the Quinny Buzz 3 before my sixth child was born as I wanted a well made pushchair that would see my son through a good few years.
I deeply regret buying the Quinny Buzz 3. As a mother of six I have had many, many pushchairs and prams. Out of all the pushchairs I have had, the Quinny buzz is the most expensive and the most disappointing.
First off the brakes do not work. I have thought on a number of occasions that I had eventually managed to put them on and then they just pop open again. So dangerous! I pressed hard on the brake when I first got the pushchair and the back wheel popped.
The under basket is designed so badly that the front wheels rub a hole in it as the wheels turn but the basket is more like a shelf with a very shallow net around. It really doesn’t hold much and what it does hold falls out!
The back wheels are far too wide and always get stuck in shops. I have had three new sets of tyres for the back wheels in the 10 months I have had this pushchair. They pop far too easily. The Quinny buzz is huge and heavy. Really not good for getting in and out of cars.
I must admit that there are some good points like the high handle for tall parents (although it doesn’t feel very sturdy when its at its highest point) the Quinny buzz 3 is a lovely looking pushchair it’s just really not practical and badly designed.
I really wish I would have researched the Quinny buzz 3 before buying it As I would have saved a lot of money as I am now looking for a decent reliable pushchair for my 10month old.

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