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Jané Trider Review by Emma

Emma has kindly sent us these photos and review of her Jané Trider.

The Jane Trider is an all-terrain single pushchair which is more than suitable for every day use too.

Easily reversible seat unit
Very easy to push and manoever
Has coped well on cobbles/mud/sand/snow/hills
Excellent build quality
Hand break
Large wheels – all quick release
Not air tyres (rubber tyres) therefore no punctures
Easy to recline/sit up
Excellent upright sitting position (parent facing)

Terrible rain cover!  Really big and cumbersome to carry with you.  It has a “frame” to it that makes it difficult to fold.
Relatively small shopping basket
Safety harness straps are too long to fit snugly to a 6 month old, and the height is non-adjustable.
Awkward to adjust angle of calf rest
Seat positions not as upright in forward facing mode
The forward facing positions are more reclined than the rear-facing.  In rear facing, the child can be sat very upright, slight recline, and full recline.  In forward facing the child can be comfortably reclined, reclined almost flat, and the third position is unusable – its almost head-down!  See photos.

We have been really happy with our Trider, it is obvious that it has been manufactured to a very high standard, using quality materials.  It has taken a fair battering from us over the last year, and it is still in fantastic condition.  We have used it daily, and have had no problems with it.  Our main use has been lots of walking in various country parks/hills etc… and I tend to walk everywhere (shops etc…) rather than use the car, and being comfortable over long distances for both child and parent is a huge advantage.  We have packed it up into the car at weekends and for holidays, which has been fine, although if I was doing that on a daily basis I think I would choose a smaller “umbrella fold” lightweight buggy for that purpose.

Our main annoyances with it are:  It can be quite heavy and cumbersome to lift in and out of the car if you keep the main seat unit and wheels attached, and the large raincover and small shopping basket can be rather annoying at times. That said, when you detach seat and wheels, its a doddle.  You can see in the pictures I have managed to fit the rain cover and a small change bag in the basket.  I also bought some hooks for the handle bars – although be aware that Jane don’t recommend placing anything on the handles as they say it compromises stability.

The Trider is excellent to manoever both in coffee shops and shops with narrow aisles.  It has a small turning circle and the front swivel wheel makes a big difference in these situations.  Locking the wheel makes the Trider easy to use on a number of terrains.  We have used the trider on the beach, in the snow/ice, canal walkways, woods and country parks and rough terrain with long grass/undulating rocks etc…  Whilst no pushchair will make these tasks “easy”  the Trider goes a long way to make the ride comfortable for both baby/child and parent.  Even my 80 year old nan enjoyed pushing my boy along a woodland path and found it no trouble!

Being able to change the direction of the seat so easily is a godsend – whether it be to suit your child’s mood or the direction of the elements, its really easy to do.  I was able to turn the seat around with my boy still in it up until he was about 18 months old when he became a little too heavy!

Overall I would highly recommend the pushchair.

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