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Petite Star Njoy Up Review

I bought the pushchair for its design, as I use alot of public transport but still wanted a parent facing pushchair, the fact that this is the only parent facing pushchair to offer umbrella gold is what sold it it to me. Having previously owned a petite star stroller the quality of the product didn’t worry me, and with a price tag of £199 for a stroller I figured that it should be reasonable to expect a measure of quality. Alas I was wrong!

The design idea is ingenious, it is easy to go from parent to world facing, but there are so many design faults that I actually really dislike this pushchair.

Firstly, you can actually feel the mechanism in the backrest of the seat unit so I imagine not a very comfy ride for the little ones. I know the mechanism needs to go in the backrest put surely a bit of extra padding?

Second, the harness for baby has no anchor point at the sides and is made of very thin weave so it just ends up twisted into a thin rope that then is only foxed at one point in the middle of baby’s back so again must be uncomfortable.

The seat unit is really really low on the chassis making it quite hard to get baby in when in parent facing position but equally when it says it has a basket, you can literally get a bottle and few nappies in it if you don’t mind it hanging all over and looking awful only bonus is it is quite safe as access is difficult.

When umbrella folded there is only one clip on the side to secure its folded position and since there is no carry handle you need to use the pushchair handle to pick it up, this puts strain on the chassis and I can actually see the whole thing getting to the point where the catch snaps.

The hood is very flimsy and doesn’t stay in position.

It’s actually very ugly, of you do want the sun protection for your child you have to see all the straps on the back of the seat unit. If they had just added one extra panel of material you could have full sun protection plus hidden the unused straps by tucking back of hood under the seat unit.

Lastly, my daughter actually looks really uncomfortable in this pushchair.

The only redeeming feature is that it does actually push really well and nicely. Also it is very simple to switch from parent to world(although that mechanism is now beginning to stiffen up after just 6 months of use).

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