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iCandy Raspberry – First Impressions Review by Best Buggy

These photos of the new iCandy Raspberry pushchair were taken at the iCandy 80th Anniversary Celebrations at One Marylebone, London.

The iCandy Raspberry is very stylish, lightweight pushchair which both parent and forward faces. The Raspberry also folds with the seat left in either of these positions into a very neat standing fold. Weighing just 8.4kgs, we believe that the iCandy Raspberry is the lightest stroller which can fold neatly with the seat left in situ facing in either direction.

However, even though the Raspberry is lightweight, iCandy have taken time to ensure that the Raspberry is sturdy and stable to push. They have also added innovative tyres and all round 4 wheel independent suspension, to ensure that the Raspberry gives a child a smooth ride, and that the Raspberry is a pleasure to push. The wheels do not lock forwards as the iCandy Raspberry is designed for urban use. The Raspberry has a 4 position handlebar which can be set low (93cms) or very high (106.5cms). This means the Raspberry should suit most adults to push.

There is a choice of black or brushed silver chassis onto which the logo has been laser etched onto the chassis and thus will not rub off! We like the white writing especially on the black chassis, and also the nice curved detailing of the chassis!

There are seven gorgeous fabric colours which can be mixed and matched with the large fleece lined footmuff and the Newborn Pod. The Newborn Pod can be used on the lie flat Raspberry seat to keep a new baby cosy and secure. The Newborn Pod has an pocket to tuck little feet into, and then the sides wrap in before zipping up. The head area is also protected. The seat is elongated at the front to give extra comfort for small sleeping legs: however this is flexible, and should bend down under the weight of a the legs of a larger seated child. The seat itself has been made from water resistant fabric which means any accidents or spills will not stain your pushchair. The fabric is also easy to remove should you wish to give it a good scrub! We LOVE how the back of the pushchair is one beautifully curved line of fabric with the button recline at the top. It makes the Raspberry look very sleek and stylish. There are no harness straps or holes. iCandy say it is easy to simply push the harness backs through the fabric to the front and then push them back in at a different height. Anyone who has ever tried to change the height of an iCandy harness will be delighted at this positive innovation!

We love the huge, easily accessible, storage basket on the Raspberry. It would be no problem to put a reasonably sized changing bag underneath the Raspberry. We, at Best Buggy, have been campaigning for raincover storage, simply because we dont want to fill our basket up with the raincover, when we need to use the basket to carry a changing bag, handbag or shopping. iCandy have listened to us, and have come up trumps with their storage pod. This hard cased storage space is at the front of the basket. It has an access door which is easily opened from inside the basket. The contents can remain inside the pod even when the pushchair is folded without them falling out. Thus, there is hidden storage for valuables as well as a raincover, even when the pushchair is folded. This is really useful on public transport or at playgroup. The pod is so well hidden that no one would know it existed! The pod can be opened when the pushchair is open or closed to retrieve items. Thanks iCandy for listening and being so inventive!

The fold of the iCandy Raspberry is very similar to the fold on the iCandy Cherry, however instead of removing the seat like on the Cherry, the Raspberry seat stays attached. The seat unit needs folding in half before folding. iCandy said that they have tried to ensure that the seat will fold no matter what position it is left in. A button on the handle releases the folding mechanism, and then a simple pull up at the side of the chassis folds the Raspberry into a standing fold which then autolocks! There is no bending down to the floor required, and the Raspberry can be simply picked up and put into a car boot or carried into the house. The fabrics are all held inside the clamshell seat thus keeping them clean. FANTASTIC!!! The fold really was the show stopper of the demo – audiable “wow’s” were heard in the room as the Raspberry was folded so neatly and quickly.

Here, at Best Buggy, we have a special interest in the iCandy Raspberry, because we asked iCandy some time ago to consider building a small, lightweight, but sturdy pushchair with good storage. The iCandy Raspberry appears to fit what we could consider to be our perfect pushchair. This really excites us. There are SO many positives on the Raspberry, which should make it work brilliantly. There were two very minor possible negatives that we could spot – first of all there is only a small foot ledge at the front. However, until we try a child in the seat, its difficult to say whether this is a negative, or if the seating position will hold a child so well under their bottom and thighs, so that there is no need for foot support. Our youngest always dangles feet anyway! Secondly, we are not keen on the thinner fabric of the hoods which is similar to the Apple 2 Pear flavour packs. We much prefer a good quality thick hood like the old Apples, Cherry, Peach or Strawberry. These personal negatives may not be an issue for anyone else, and are minor.

We at Best Buggy HQ are VERY EXCITED by the new iCandy Raspberry! We can’t wait to see how it handles in every day real life!

To see more of the Raspberry in action, and to see the amazing fast fold, take a look at our videos here on Best Buggy.

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