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Baby Elegance Beep Twist Review by Best Buggy

The Baby Elegance Beep Twist Travel System is a really competitively priced pushchair which comes a footmuff, raincover, and one of the best carrycots I have seen! There are also packages available which include the 0+ matching Bubble car seat too. You get a lot for your money! The Beep Twist is also very lightweight and neat when folded.

First Impressions

My first impressions of the Baby Elegance Beep Twist were very good.
There is a choice of 3 chassis colours (grey, silver or black); 4 pushchair seat and carrycot colours; and 4 colours of car seats (black, red, purple or green). We have the Beep Twist in a gorgeous shade of purple on a silver chassis. The whole travel system is included in our package (RRP £379). The pushchair and carrycot are packed full of great features which aren’t usually found on a mid price, or even on a high price range pushchair!
The fabrics have a quality feel, and the chassis looks smart. The chassis is neat and tiny when folded. We had to fit the wheels and brake – which is easy to do and just takes a minute. All the elements of the Beep Twist sit onto a pair of adaptors which, once fitted, can be left in situ on the pushchair when folding, or removed.
The car seat has a thick wedge in it for a newborn, and comes with a hood. The carrycot has a hidden surprise which was a great find!

Child Comfort

The Baby Elegance Beep Twist has the choice of a carrycot, or a car seat for a newborn baby. The seat unit can be used from the age of 3 months.

The Beep Twist seat can be fitted either parent or forward facing.
There are 3 recline positions in each direction using a button handle recline on the rear of the seat. This is easy to do. The seat is fairly upright when sat up, but tilts back to give a comfortable sleeping position for a child. An adjustable footrest means that sleeping legs are well supported. However the footrest itself is shallow, so young toddlers may end up dangling their feet. For older toddlers, the footrest can also be tucked right underneath the seat to allowing them to rest their feet comfortably on the front frame of the pushchair. The footrest is altered by pressing a button in on either side of the footrest.

The seat of the Beep Twist is tall (53cms). There is plenty of room for our just turned 3 year old. He was able to rest his feet on the front of the chassis when forward facing. There is a zip on piece around the head area, to offer security for a newborn baby. This needs removing for an older child, although in our photos it has been left on. We thought our son looked very comfortable in the seat unit, so much so, that we have used the Beep Twist a lot on outings.

The hood is on the small side. It gives reasonable cover for a sat upright child, but the child is quite exposed when reclined. We like the patterned lining inside the hood. However we were less keen on the plastic locks on the side of the hood, which hold the hood taught. There are windows on either side of the hood, and also a covered peekaboo window on the top of the pushchair.

We love the fabric covered swing away bumper bar. The bumper bar is also positional so that it sits at the correct height in front of your child. The attachment point where the bumper bar swings away is made of plastic, rather than a pin, and thus is a little fiddly to align. We found it a little stiff to slide up to undo. However, having a swing away AND an adjustable bumper bar which is nicely covered, on a pushchair at this price point, is a big plus point.

Baby Elegance have thoughtfully included a footmuff in the price.We love how the footmuff cleverly folds slides under the footrest and then attaches very neatly over the bumper bar by using two toggles. The footmuff does give the Beep Twist a luxury finish.

The 5 point harness is easy to do up and has two thick shoulder pads. However there is only one shoulder height position, and even when fully tightened, the harness was quite large on our 3 year old. As the photos show, he quickly learnt to remove his arms, and we had to add on a clip to prevent this happening.

The red buttons on the seat adaptors release the seat for removal. One the seat releases, the seat simply pops off. We did find these red buttons a little indecisive. It was not always clear when they had disengaged the seat unit.


The carrycot is a generous size. It is hard bodied, however it does not fold flat. The carrycot is brilliant because it has a 3 position, height adjustable base from flat to a reasonable incline. This means that the baby can be slightly lifted up in the carrycot, whilst still being laid flat on the mattress. This feature would be very useful to relieve the symptoms of reflux or of a head cold. The button to move the mattress is situated at the head end of the carrycot, underneath a fabric flap. It is simple to push the button up or down to the correct position for a little one.

The mattress is beautifully padded with a velcro securing waist strap to keep the baby in position and safe. The carrycot is nicely lined around the sides. The hood is a good size and is lined with patterned fabric. The apron feels good and we love how it drapes over the bumper bar and fastens.

There is a wide, chunky, foam covered handle to carry the carrycot with. This has 3 positions – upright, slightly down and down. This is done using the buttons on either side of the hood.

The carrycot is one of the best carrycots we have seen here at Best Buggy HQ, especially with the adjustable base. However we are less keen about how the carrycot attaches and releases on the chassis. First of all the carrycot attaches using a bar which is situated under the carrycot. This has clips which need lining up with a bar underneath the carrycot, and thus are not the easiest method we have seen to attach a carrycot. The clips need releasing before the carrycot can be removed. Once these clips have been released then a red button on one side needs flicking up to be able to pull the carrycot off the chassis. We found this difficult to release properly, and a little fiddly.

However, all round the carrycot is a very comfortable environment for a newborn baby, and we are impressed by all the features on it. There is a set of photos which include the carrycot here.

Car Seat

The Baby Elegance Bubble Group 0+ car seat looks comfortable for a baby. There is a large newborn wedge to make the seat flatter for a new baby. There is also a removable head hugger for a small baby.  The seat will hold up to 13kgs of baby which is usually between 12-16 months. The harness is height adjustable as your child grows.
The harness was easy to use – it was simple to undo the buckle and to loosen and tighten the straps. There are shoulder and buckle pads for additional comfort. These can be removed for washing.
The car seat has a black fabric hood which attaches to the handlebar. There is a central foam section to the handlebar for comfortable carrying. The handlebar moves up and down by releasing the red buttons on the side of the car seat.
The car seat sits on top of the pushchair adaptors. As described with the carrycot above, the car seat is released using the same red release button on the side of the chassis.
When off the chassis, the car seat has a rocking base which is handy to help get a little one to sleep.
We love that the car seats come in matching colours to the seat and carrycot fabrics.
There is an Isofix car seat base option if required.

Wheels, Handling, Handlebar and Brake

The Baby Elegance Beep Twist has 4 hard, plastic, quick release, wheels. The front wheels are lockable swivel wheels. Although these wheels are not the most robust, we felt confident enough about their abilities to take them on a day trip to the local farm, where they managed really well on a variety of surfaces – rough and smooth. We found the handling and manoeuverability over all was really good.
There is an air tyre option for those who prefer air tyres on their pushchair.

The Beep Twist handlebar is foam covered and felt good to hold and push. The multipositional handlebar rotates to suit parents of different statures. We have concerns about the durability of the foam as our Beep Twist quickly developed ‘wrinkles’ from where we held the handlebar, and also a split has appeared on one side.

The Beep Twist has a linked brake which can be accessed from either side of the chassis, behind the rear wheels. It is good to have access to the brake from both sides especially when in confined spaces like a bus. The brake is easy to flick on and off.

Basket, Raincover and Accessories

One of our favourite parts of the Beep Twist is the large, easily accessible, good shaped basket. It was great to be able to easily put items into the basket and to be able access what we required without having to empty the whole basket out! We have a feeling though that we did overload the basket and one of the attachment points broke. However Baby Elegance were fantastic, and sent us another basket straight out.

The Baby Elegance Beep Twist comes with a raincover.

Baby Elegance also make lovely brightly coloured memory foam liners as optional accessories.


The Baby Elegance Beep Twist has a very neat fold.  The pushchair will fold with the seat forward facing, or as two separate pieces. The pushchair even with the seat left on, took up less space in our car boot than most other travel systems. This was a big positive for us. The fold can be made more compact with the footrest folded down. The seat adaptors can be left on when folding, if the seat is removed. They are easy to detach if desired either.
Folding is logical. On the right hand side of the handlebar, press in the button underneath the slider button. Then slide the two slider triggers – one on each side – and fold the pushchair to the floor. The frame autolocks.
To open the Beep Twist, there is a small button on the autolock which needs pressing in to release. The pushchair handle then needs lifting up high towards your chest whilst keeping a foot on the back of the chassis. Once the handlebar is high enough, the chassis will lock into position. Initially we had problems getting the chassis to lock open, but after a number of uses the chassis now locks first time.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that the Baby Elegance Beep Twist offers fantastic value for money. Everything you require to transport a baby comes in one large travel system package for an amazing price. Whilst certain elements betray the price or are fiddly, there are more areas which show thought and attention to detail and provide great value for money. The carrycot in particular has the height adjustable base; whilst the swing away, adjustable bumper bar on the pushchair seat is a bonus. It is a shame that our basket broke (although it was quickly replaced), and that our handlebar is already showing signs of wear. We love the tiny fold, lovely fabrics and the large accessible fabrics. The Beep Twist is a lovely neat great looking pushchair to take out and about. All round the low cost of this travel system seems unbelievable for what you get. The Baby Elegance Beep Twist is a great buy!

The Beep Twist pushchair is very much liked here at Best Buggy HQ, and it has been on many outings with us this summer and autumn. This says a lot about this good looking, neat pushchair, given we have a choice of which pushchair to take out with us.

With thanks to Baby Elegance and Nick.

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