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Baby Elegance Neyo Review by Best Buggy

The Baby Elegance Neyo first caught the eyes of the Best Buggy team on a display stand at Harrogate earlier in the year. This smart looking display pushchair had a gorgeous mirror finish chassis, and had a beautiful matching carrycot and car seat

Our Baby Elegance Neyo has a smart matt silver chassis. The overall look of the Neyo is stylish and modern. The Neyo is very light to lift and carry. It weighs 11.5kgs with the pushchair seat on the chassis. The Neyo is neat and narrow (62cms wide). The Neyo is also sturdy, with a frame which feels robust.

Child Comfort

The Neyo seat unit can be both forward facing and parent facing. We love the one handed seat removal, which makes life much easier if you need to hold a baby or a toddler’s hand, whilst removing the seat.

The Baby Elegance Neyo seat is huge. At a huge 55.5cms tall, the Neyo seat back is the biggest which we have measured this year. Great news if you have a large child. Our 3 year old had loads of room above his head to grow, and plenty of room under the generous canopy.
However, this tall seat back is compromised by a short knee to footrest length. Unfortunately, the footrest can not be moved out of the way, to enable an older child to rest their feet on the front edge of the pushchair. However, the footrest is a good depth which is great for bigger feet.
The footrest is adjustable for a young or sleeping child. There are three footrest positions forward facing, and four positions parent facing. Simply press in a button on either side of the footrest, and tilt to the desired position.

There are two harness height settings. The harness is on the large side. The crotch strap comes up high. However the waist and shoulder straps were very large. I would have concerns how tightly a smaller baby could be strapped in. The harness buckle was easy to undo. We like that one side can be undone and done up at once. However be aware that the buckle has pointed corners – the same buckle has been on two pushchairs Best Buggy has previously tested, which caused issues. There are thick pads on the shoulder straps, and a large crotch pad.

The bumper bar is included with the pushchair. The bumper bar can be easily adjusted to a high or low position to suit your child. There are two pins to press in to remove the bumper bar.

There is a peekaboo window in the hood which can be held open using a popper.

The Neyo seat has a 3 position recline in either direction. This includes a good upright position, a lie flat position and a mid way recline. There is a button adjustor which appears rudimentary and requires a strong thumb to press. However once the button is pressed, the seat slides easily into the new position.

Handlebar, Handling, Wheels, Suspension and Brake

The Baby Elegance Neyo had a soft foam covered handlebar which is lovely to use. The handlebar is adjustable via the button in the centre of the handlebar. However, even when fully extended we found the handlebar to be low. I am 5ft 6 ins tall and the handlebar was below my waist height. This was quite surprising because the measurements of the Neyo handlebar are a minimum height of 94cms extending up to 106cms at the tallest height.

The Neyo has 4 hard rubberised non puncture wheels for a smooth ride. The wheels pop off easily for storage. The front wheels are lockable, swivel wheels.

The Neyo has amazing suspension and is guaranteed to give a child a comfortable ride. The cantilever 4 wheel suspension is definitely some of the best we have come across on a pushchair. The ‘bouncy’ suspension ensures a smooth ride across any rougher or bumpy terrain. The suspension combined with the rubberised tyres, is a big benefit of the Neyo. The Neyo was lovely all round to steer, manoeuvere and push. There is an air tyre option if required.

The Neyo has a large footbrake which is obvious to see. The brake does require a firm press to engage. However the brake is very decisive once applied.

Basket, Raincover and Accessories

There is a small basket underneath the seat of the Neyo. Unfortunately access is an issue as the opening is only a few inches wide. We had no problems putting small items into the basket, but to put my handbag, changing bag or cool bags underneath, then we needed to remove the seat unit. The basket access is something which we feel lets the Neyo down.

There is a zip pocket on the rear of the seat. This is useful for small items.

The Neyo comes with a raincover which fits well.

Baby Elegance make gorgeous footmuffs and memory foam liners as optional accessories for the Neyo.


The Baby Elegance Neyo pushchair is suitable from 6 months old. Thus a carrycot or car seat is required for use from newborn. The Neyo has a very smart carrycot with apron. The carrycot is a good size and is nicely padded around the sides. A covered mattres is included.  We like the solid handle which is built into the rim of the carrycot hood. However we found the release for the hood rudimentary and a little tricky. The Neyo carrycot has a one handed release which makes it easy to remove the carrycot from the chassis. However there is a leg to support the carrycot on the Neyo chassis. We found this very tricky to clip into position on the chassis. Our fingers were not strong enough to get the leg underneath the clip and Mr BB was called in to help.
We liked the additional visor on the front rim of the hood.
The Neyo mattress is breathable and the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping.
The carrycot attachment ‘legs’ fold flat to keep the carrycot level when it is off the pushchair chassis.  The carrycot itself will fold flat for storage or in the car.
The shopping basket is easier to access in carrycot and travel system modes.

Car Seat

The Baby Elegance Neyo can be a useful travel system with the addition of a Baby Elegance 0+ Bubble Car seat. The car seat has a padded insert and head hugger for a small baby. These can be removed as the baby gets older. There are good harness and crotch pads, and a one handed pull strap to tighten the harness with. There is a large hood which is attached to the handlebar using poppers. Large red buttons allow the handlebar to move forwards and backwards as required. The handlebar has foam padding and thus is comfy to carry.
The seat was easy to attach to the Neyo chassis, without the need for any adaptors. However the buttons to disengage the seat from the chassis are tucked away under the side of the seat.
There is an isofix base available for the car seat which would make transfers much easier.


Folding the Neyo is very easy and almost self explanatory!
To fold – First lower down the handle press down on the button on the rear of the pushchair which is marked “1″. Then place your finger into the ‘trigger’ hole on the left hand side of the handlebar – marked “2″ and pull up towards you. The pushchair then slides easily down to the ground to fold. The Neyo self locks once folded. The Neyo can be folded with the seat left on forward facing, or with the seat removed. The car seat and carrycot need removing to fold.

The Neyo is long when folded. The top part of the pushchair simply folds flat on top of the wheels. The Neyo would not fit ‘short ways’ into our car boot. However the Neyo is easy to lift and carry. It is a light weight for a travel system with a framed seat.


The Baby Elegance Neyo is a very light travel system which makes it easy to fold and carry. The Neyo has a large seat which will easily hold any child from 6 months old until the age of 3. The Neyo has fabulous bouncy suspension and good wheels which should handle every day terrain well. The Neyo handle is on the low side and the shopping basket is difficult to access with the pushchair seat on. However the Baby Elegance Neyo is very competitively priced, especially if all the components are bought as part of a package deal. A carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping could be an advantage in a small home or where money is tight. All round the Baby Elegance Neyo is a good all round pushchair.

With thanks to Baby Elegance and Nick.

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