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Babystyle Oyster Gem – Final Production Model

These photos are of the final Babystyle Oyster Gem, taken courtesy of the lovely people at Nurseryland in Wakefield.

There are comprehensive photos on Best Buggy of the pre-production model of the Oyster Gem. These photos are designed to outline the main differences between the pre-production Oyster Gem, and the finished production model Oyster Gem, so that our readers know what has been changed or improved.

The most obvious change is that the liner of the production Oyster Gem appears to be the same as the Oyster colour pack liner. This is because the pre-production liner did not fit the hammock seat well. However this is a shame because the pre-production Gem liner was thick and comfortable. We found the new liner slid down as soon as we tried to put our son into the seat, whereas the other liner stayed put. However, the new liner does make the recline buttons visible and easier to access which is better.

The waist straps of the harness now come in from the rear of the seat. This is an improvement because the harness sat much better across the hips / waist of our son than the pre-production model.

The Oyster Gem basket has been enlarged which is great news! The basket is longer and attaches to the footrest at the front. This gives good access right through the pushchair both at the front and the back.

A storage strap has been added to hold the Oyster Gem closed when folded. This is great news for anyone who needs to carry the Oyster Gem upstairs or onto a bus. The strap simply pops over a rivet near the handle. We felt that the strap probably could have done with being a little shorter, but there was probably a reason for the length that it is. There is also a velcro tab on the storage strap. This corresponds to a velcro tab underneath the basket to keep the storage strap out of the way and so that it doesn’t dangle. We very much welcome the addition of the storage strap.

The brake pedal has been redesigned. It is similar to the preproduction model but the pedal is now red and more rounded and chunky.

The main hinges have been redesigned too. They are much improved and are smoother to open. In fact the whole opening action of the Gem is less stiff and much smoother, but yet still easy to control.

Finally, when folding the Oyster Gem the base of the reversible seat no longer bumps the chassis.

Well done Babystyle on making a great pushchair even better.
However, we would love you to rethink the liner though :) The pre-production liner looked so comfortable, and also padded out the hammock seat for a little one.

Please note our son is now 3 years 3 months old. He is now too big now for the reversible seat, but we wanted to see where the waist straps sat on him compared to on the pre-production model.
However do note that this pushchair will easily fit a child from birth (using a carrycot, car seat or the hammock seat) up to the age of 3. Our son still rides around in our Oyster Gem in the larger hammock seat. He was in the reversible seat until very recently.

With thanks to Nurseryland in Wakefield for allowing us to use their Oyster Gem.

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