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Babyzen Yoyo Review

I bought the yoyo in February this year for my two year old son to replace our much loved bugaboo cameleon , we wanted a smaller lighter pushchair that would push and steer like the cameleon, I was not disappointed this pushchair pushes and steers like a dream has no wobble in front wheels and is still so light even with a fair sized toddler in it. The folding and unfolding takes a bit of practice to get right and does sometimes get stuck on front wheels whilst unfolding which can be a bit inconvenient.

This pushchair fits my lifestyle perfectly ,I don’t drive so need to use public transport ,getting this pushchair on and off buses and trams is so easy, and by folding handle down it makes room for other passengers and prams , we have also been known to fold pushchair mid journey to allow others to use pram bays, people are always amazed at the ease and speed at which this can be done, and by how easily it can be stored under a seat. We recently took the yoyo on holiday and got the it on the plane as hand luggage,amazingly this was with Ryanair ,they never even questioned the size or anything ,maybe this was just luck. And it even fits in my husbands very small boot.

However good this pram is it does have its flaws .when I received the yoyo, on assembly I discovered it was very hard to insert the metal rod that forms the hood ,and the material started to come away from seams , I ended up having to stitch this back together ,the original stitching was knotted and untidy, it looked unfinished and cheaply made.
The Velcro straps that fix the wings/sides of seat to the body of pram seem to be to short and constantly come unstuck as do the straps that fasten shopping basket in place . The elastic that fastens seat fabric to the underside of seat unit seems to be to big and comes undone all the time.
But the most alarming problem I have is with the handle which now collapses on a regular basis when I am tipping pram up a curb or getting on and off public transport , my son weighs 29lbs the yoyo is recommended for use up to 15kg /32lbs so I would not have expected this to happen as a result of his weight. I am now left with the prospect of buying yet another pram less than eight months after buying this pretty expensive one .
I do love the functionality of my yoyo, and doubt if anything else can top it but with the issues I have with mine I’m left thinking that the price is too high for the quality of materials and workmanship.

The YoYo described above was bought outside the UK. The UK YoYos arrived in the UK on May 1st. The UK YoYo’s┬áhave improved fabric including no velcro tabs at the side of the seats. They also have improved wheels.

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