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Buggy Butler Parent Console

These photos are of the Buggy Butler. This parent console is fabulous! It is made from strong fabric with leather detailing. We love that there is a shoulder strap thus, the Buggy Butler can be easily detached and slung over a shoulder in situations where a pushchair may need to be left behind e.g. playgroup or baby clinic.

The Buggy Butler has one huge zipped central section which is insulated and lined. There is a smaller flat pocket at the front which hides underneath a flap which is secured with a hook and loop. There are three open pockets at the rear. Two larger pockets are insulated and are great for drinks Рeven larger chunkier cups, and there is a central pocket which is the perfect size for a mobile phone or camera.

The Buggy Butler attaches easily to a handlebar, or the side of a chassis, using two leather buckles to the pushchair.
We love our Buggy Butler!

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