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okiedog Changing Bags

We loved our okiedog Sidamo Mondo changing bags. It had loads of space for all our essentials. We loved the insulated bottle holder and all the pockets including more space for bottles in the side pockets etc. We liked that there is a ‘parent zone’ pocket for keys and a mobile phone. There is an antibacterial changing mat inside too.
We especially loved the special clipix pushchair hooks to attach the bag to the pushchair which meant that the bags did not slide down the handlebars, and that it was easy to remove one handed at our destination. The clipix attachment could be adapted so that the insulated bottle holder or other accessories, could be put onto the chassis on their own. We often use one for our okiedog camera case.
All round the Sidamo Mondo changing bags are really spacious and good quality. We like ours a lot!

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