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Bugaboo Buffalo v’s Baby Jogger City Versa GT v’s Easywalker MINI Stroller with Children

This was a personal set of experimental photos to help us decide which of these excellent pushchairs we think worked best for our children, and which one we felt handled and looked the best with an older child on board.

The girl is 5 years 1 month old (113cms tall), and the boy is 3 years 3 months old (91cms tall). Our son will be in a pushchair long term as he can not yet walk.

The lightest to push, steer and manoeuvre was the Easywalker MINI. It was so easy to push one handed. The Bugaboo Buffalo was not far behind though. The Baby JoggerCity  Versa GT was the hardest to push and manoeuvre, however it is worth bearing in mind that the Versa GT is still excellent and one of the best pushchairs on the market.

The lightest to get up kerbs was the Bugaboo Buffalo, with the Easywalker MINI a close second. The Versa GT took the most effort to get up a kerb. However this again is relational to the other two pushchairs, and the Versa GT is still easy to get up a kerb.

Looking at the children, visually we think they both look the most comfortable in the Baby Jogger City Versa GT. However our 5 year old tells everyone she meets how the Easywalker June (and now the MINI) is the most comfy pushchair and its the one she likes the best. When we use the MINI, its clear to see that the children look super comfy. There is a large amount of depth between the MINI crotch strap and the edge of the pushchair – more depth than most pushchairs – and both children like tucking one of both legs up on the seat. The boy often sits cross legged in the MINI.

We felt that the combination of the children looking ‘perched’ in the Buffalo seat, and the low hood, meant that our son would not grow into the Buffalo as we hoped, even though the Buffalo is safety certified to hold 23kgs of child weight. The Easywalker MINI came out of our experiment as the pushchair which we would most like to use long term for our son when considering all factors. However the Versa GT offers good all round versatility with the large comfy seat, big hood and huge basket.

It was an interesting experiment, and we would like to hold this up as an example of how all factors need to be considered when looking at a pushchair – not just what you can see. We find it useful to talk to our 5 year old about what she likes best about our pushchairs, and which she finds most comfortable.

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