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Easywalker MINI Stroller – First Impressions

This photoset shows the new Easywalker MINI Stroller.

We were very excited to finally get to have a good look at the Easywalker MINI Stroller! From what we knew of the Easywalker MINI stroller it appeared to be a great combination of a small, neat pushchair with a small footprint and fold; with neat and perfectly formed off road wheels; and a chassis which can hold a large child weight.
We hope to find out during our road tests how well the MINI stroller fares. However these are our Best Buggy first impressions, straight out of the box.

Opening the box

Out of the box first came the chassis. We have a gorgeous black framed MINI stroller chassis with a beautifully handstitched, luxury, leather handlebar stamped with the MINI logo in the centre. There is also a choice of a silver chassis if desired.

The seat is a generous size. We have had our 91cms tall, 3 year old in today, and he looks small in the MINI seat compared to other pushchairs. The seat is thickly padded and the quality is obvious.

We are delighted to find 4 recline positions on the MINI stroller including a very upright position. We look forward to trying these out over the coming weeks.

The box also contained the small chunky air tyres. We have wheels with white rims, but Easywalker give the buyer a choice of black or white rims. We pumped these up, and popped them onto the pushchair.

Also in the box surprisingly was a raincover and bumper bar. We were delighted to see that these come as standard with the MINI stroller.

A second smaller box contained the MINI accessory pack. This comprised of the chunky harness with logoed thick shoulder pads on it; the hood fabric; the seat liner and the two side button covers with the MINI logo on them. The hood is stunning. It is the Union Jack sewn in leather onto thick black fabric. It is so subtly striking and stylish! Gorgeous! We love it.

We initially made a mistake with the liner in our photos. We were so taken by the super soft fleece on the rear of the liner, and the children were too busy stroking it and saying “aaahhh” that we missed the fabulous MINI styling on the other side. We quickly spotted it though! The seat liner has the Union Jack detail along the lower edge, along with a smart red stripe detailing. The red strip detail is also seen on the shoulder pads.

It took us a few minutes to thread the harness onto the pushchair with the liner in place. There is a neat flap at the rear of the seat for posting the shoulder straps through. There are velcro tabs to hold the waist straps in place at the rear of the pushchair, and there is a large chunky pair of velcro tabs to hold the crotch strap on (we had to slide the seat fabric off the front to access this which is not clear in the instructions). The harness is easy to adjust once fitted, and we love the chunky buckle and the large padded harness covers. The liner is very thick and comfortable. Our 5 year old couldn’t wait to curl up in the seat! She loves the MINI stroller!

The hood simply zips onto the hood frame at the rear of the seat and is ready to go with its two folds and flick out visor. The MINI logo side button covers simply clip on, although Easywalker warn you to ensure they are the correct way up! The bumper bar clips on at each side with the seat forward facing. The bumper bar is hinged for easy access into the comfortable open seat.

The handle extends very simply by undoing a clip on either side, pulling, and refastening.

There is a large basket. We discovered the fold lock hiding in the basket on one side which was great to see.

The seat removal is not the easiest, however we are used to the way the MINI seat works. We will discuss the mechanism in a later review, however most people leave the seat facing one way for a long period of time. So, once the initial set up is done, the seat removal is not really be an issue.

We seem to be able to manoeuvre the MINI stroller well, and to be able to tip the front up forward facing. However we do need to get the MINI stroller on the road to really know how well it handles. The MINI stroller will be out and about from tomorrow!

The Easywalker MINI stroller is definitely a compact pushchair. This is one of its biggest draws for us. It is neat, it is tidy, it is unfussy. The air tyres mean it can be taken anywhere. All round our first impressions of the Easywalker MINI are great! The Easywalker MINI stroller is stylish and luxurious but also very practical. Stunning!

With many thanks to Easywalker for helping us with these photos.

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