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Emmaljunga Edge 3-in-1 Review

We chose this pram for our winter-born son, with the aim that we would use it most days. It is an old-fashioned pram in the sense that it is big, sturdy, fixed wheel chassis, big seat unit. We have been using it for 10 months now.

Chassis/frame – variety of options, we went for the chrome, fixed wheel. In nearly 10 months we have not had a puncture or flat (unlike our jogger) and it is incredibly easy to push. It has adjustable suspension that you can change as the baby’s weight changes which is a good idea. It is tricky to collapse, you have to remove the seat unit first and then collapse the frame. Yes, fixed wheel can be hard to maneouvre – but the ride is very comfortable.

Seat unit/carrycot – enormous. The carrycot is big and sturdy, suitable for overnight sleeping. We did take it away and use it several times when our son was under 6 months as it meant we only had to pack the pram, not a moses basket too. He slept really well in it too! The base can be ventilated to let air through which was great in the summer. The seat unit is separate (ie it doesn’t convert from carrycot to seat unit, unlike eg the Silver Cross system), so you do have to have space to store the other part, but for us it was invaluable as our son lasted in the carrycot till 5 months (and he is a huge baby!) because it was so big. The carrycot was deep, padded and warm and comes with its own mattress. Also has a little backrest so that when baby is starting to sit you can prop them up securely – we used this when we still wanted our son to be in the carrycot, but he wanted to sit up sometimes. It was fabulous! Just slide it up and baby can sit up and watch, then slide back down.

Hood – amazing. Big, strong, silent. It can’t come down “over” baby (some like the Bugaboo can I think?), but to be honest the apron comes far enough up that it is really snug inside. It also has an integrated mosquito net (not used…) and integrated sun sail (used a lot in the summer) which is great for keeping the sun out of baby’s eyes without having to attach a separate sun parasol. It unzips from inside the hood and clips round the handle. I still use it in the winter if the sun is at just the wrong angle. They don’t take up any extra space in the hood and you wouldn’t know they were there.

Raincover – big and easy. Elasticated, simple to put on, has reflective stripes on it (brilliant idea).You can buy a separate clear plastic raincover, as the one that comes with the pram is a nylon one, but I wouldn’t bother as it’s great.

Size – enormous. Takes up most of the car boot when folded. It is however quite narrow, fits through a 60cm doorway. The plus side is that it is really snug in cold weather, it is very sturdy and I have no hesitation with letting our son sleep in it for hours as it is incredibly roomy. We put our friend’s 2 year old, 99th centile son in it and he fitted perfectly so it looks like it will last. It can fit on a regular bus, although we do tend to get filthy looks from the bus drivers, and admiring looks from old ladies!

Comfort – very good. Our son was comfortable in the carrycot and in the seat unit now (they are separate). Sleeps very well in there. The footrest is adjustable so it can extend the length of the seat unit, or fold down if baby is sitting up or for longer toddlers.

Recline – has a lever to recline, it is a little fiddly to start but once you are used to it, it’s easier. Has a very upright position, slightly laid back, semi reclined and lay-flat.

Accessories – can fit the Emmaljunga toddler seat or a buggy board. We haven’t tried either but bought this pram with these in mind, hoping that we could get away with just one pram! The footmuff is the thickest I have ever seen, we ended up taking it off as it was too hot for everyday. I think it would be great in really cold weather but for everyday British winter you are better off with the thin apron for the seat unit (supplied with it) and blankets underneath so you can adjust according to the weather. Can also purchase a car seat adaptor for either Emmaljunga own, Britax or Maxi-Cosi. We did buy the adaptor frame, but never used it so can’t comment.

Everyday use – really happy. It has a huge wire tray underneath which easily takes change bag and shopping. The raincover folds into its own little pouch and velcros onto the frame (genius!). Do not buy if you need to collapse it often, or wheel it up/down stairs or into small shops. However, for a walking pram (I regularly walk 2/3 miles with it easily) it can’t be beaten – and it is light to push. Also have a buggy buddy clip on the handle for the rare occasion I can’t get everything underneath.

Overall we are really happy with this. Admittedly there are compromises (size, fold) but we knew we were going to keep it up most of the time, be able to wheel it in and out of our front door, and do a lot of walking with it. For that criteria it is perfect. If you want something small, lightweight and compact, this is not the pram for you. If you want a sturdy, solid, practical long-lasting pram, this is the one. Expensive, but I am still using mine daily, and have not had to buy any extras as they were all included.


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