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Easywalker June Review by Roberta

I was very excited about getting my hands on an Easywalker June as it is a pushchair that has always caught my eye. I love simple, streamline, classy pushchairs, and this one ticked all those boxes.

First Impressions

When getting the Easywalker June out of the box I was immediately surprised at how compact it is!! It folds tiny! Comparable to a Bugaboo Bee+. I love the sleek frame, the solid feel and the off road wheels.

The seat fabric, hood and liner all feels fantastic quality, and looks expensive.

Day to day life with the Easywalker June

The Easywalker June is very easy to fold and unfold, although when unfolding I always wanted a more definite ‘click’ or something to reassure me that is was opened properly. I find the fold very easy and it fits so nicely into the boot of my car (Seat Altea) as the fold is flat, compact and square.

On first looks I really didn’t expect the June seat to be so comfortable and spacious for my 3 year old, but it is deceptive!! She is super comfy in it, has proper support under her bottom and the backrest is nice and high behind her. We all loved the ingenious hood and how it can be totally tucked away behind the seat, so neat and makes forward facing still sociable as it is easy to see and interact with her. The hood is quite small, when you have been used to a more traditional hood, but it offers good coverage as you can adjust the height to suit your child. I am not sure for a newborn that I would be as happy with the hood, as in a lie flat position it does leave the child a bit exposed at the sides.

Reversing the seat is an art, but if like me you have ever owned or tried a Bugaboo bee 09 it is actually quite straight forward, it certainly wasn’t an issue for me, but compared to some of the easy mechanisms found now for reversing seats it does seem like it could do with improving.

Reclining the seat is a bit strange as you do this from the front, I find that tricky as my daughter is such a light sleeper that when she nods off the presence of me at the front of the buggy trying to recline it is often enough to wake her, I much prefer being able to recline from the back.

The brake is good and simple, I love the height of the bar at the back, meaning I have never kicked the back of the buggy when pushing.

The shopping basket is a good size, easy to access and looks smart, it is made of sturdy fabric. The liner is made of a memory foam fabric and felt lovely. Harness straps are easy to adjust and soft, not stiff like some harness straps can be. I also have the coordinating footmuff and it is again excellent quality, if perhaps a little short in the leg for a toddler.


This is the Achilles heel of the June for me. When pushing on a straight smooth path or in a shopping centre it is a dream. The handle bar is extremely comfortable, with a huge height range for the comfort of the parent. It is narrow meaning it is easy to whizz around shops, and park up in a coffee shop.

Where is falls down is if you need to ‘bump’ it up a curb. To tip the Easywalker up to get up a curb is nigh on impossible. This actually scared me a couple of times when crossing a road as it would catch me off guard just how hard it is to do. I have to admit to being really sad when I discovered this, as I had been enjoying the pushchair hugely up until this point. Even my ‘sturdier than some,’ carpenter husband struggled to do this, and was shocked by it.

When you finally do manage to bump it up the curb the seat seems to give slightly even with your child in, which with a small baby I think would have really worried me.

I believe this is an issue they have improved on with the new Easywalker Mini, sadly as my daughter is now 3.5 there is no need for me to try that for myself. However if we do have another child, I definitely would be interested to see the improvement as other than this it certainly worked for us as a family.


The Easywalker June is a pushchair that ticks so many of my boxes, I really thought I could have found the ‘one’. It looks beautiful, elegant and has the compactness of an urban stroller with the practicality of the off road wheels. For me that is exactly what I need, living in town but enjoying lots of countryside excursions. The option of changing the look with different colour hood and liners, the parent facing option also added to the overall package for me. Sadly the issues with manoeuvrability take the edge of what could have been the perfect pushchair for me.

If we are blessed with another child I would love the try the new improved Easywalker MINI where these issues are said to have been addressed.





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