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7 AM Enfant Foot Muffs & Blankets

Best Buggy LOVE 7 A.M. Enfant Foot Muffs and Blankets.

The 7 A.M. Sac Igloo, Blanket 212 Evolution and Duo Blanket can be seen on various photos on the Best Buggy website.

Our introduction to 7 A.M. was the Duo blanket. I will admit to being dubious about having a blanket over the children rather than a footmuff around them. However my worries were unfounded as our eldest LOVED her “snuggly blanket” and it had to go everywhere with us – the car, on the pushchair, into her bed etc! She used to go to nursery every day through the winter in our Croozer Bike trailer and she never complained of being cold with the Duo blanket wrapped around her.

The Duo Blanket was absolutely superb. Beautifully made, very thick and with loads of useful velcro tabs on. It would tie onto any double pushchair  chassis, or onto a harness or a bumper bar. No matter which double pushchair we used, it fitted great every time. The bottom has an elasticated pull cord, so that it can be tightened up around a footrest. Best of all, down the centre, the blanket splits part way. This allows for the blanket to the split between the children Рfor example if one falls asleep. This also allowed for any bars in the centre of the pushchair such as our TwinGo, when parent facing. We found the pockets on the front really useful for keys, money, shopping lists or toys. Above all the Duo blanket is simple , quick and easy. Compared with trying to put two children into footmuffs in winter coats, this was a breeze. The children were strapped in first and then the Duo Blanket simply threw on over the top and velcroed quickly into place. Fantastic!

The 7 A.M. Sac Igloo was a real indulgence. These footmuffs are not cheap. However, they are worth the money.
The Sac Igloo has a hood with a removable fur trim. There is also an inner blanket which can be removed in warmer weather. The 7 A.M. Sac Igloo is huge – absolutely enormous. Our very tall 4 year old could fit into it with loads of room spare. The Sac Igloo has fitted onto a good variety of our pushchairs including the Baby Jogger Versa and the iCandy Peach Jogger. It is very universal. We love the velcro slits in the rear of the pushchair which allow for quick and easy removal and fitting. One Hallowe’en we set off to go trick or treating. Half way through the evening it started to rain heavily. We had no raincover, but despite the heavy rain, our little one stayed dry and warm inside his Sac Igloo – we were amazed!

The 7 A.M. Blanket 212 Evolution photo is from one of the Best Buggy Focus Group. They have had the Evolution Blanket, and also a Sac Igloo on several of their pushchairs, for their 4 year old. These are very large.


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