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Graco Evo Mini Review by LB

The Graco evo Mini is a light weight, three wheeled stroller that is suitable from birth. The front wheel is lockable making it suitable for different terrains. The wheels on the Graco evo Mini are made from plastic and do give a slight rattle over bumpy surfaces but this is not noticeable over the more smooth surface.

The Graco evo Mini is very sturdy and light weight. The Graco evo mini is incredibly light to push and can easily be done one handed. This is perfect if you have other children as it means you can hold their hand and have complete control over the Graco evo mini with one hand. The handle bar is fixed, but it is at a comfortable height. The handle is also padded and very comfortable to grip.

The Graco evo mini features a lovely large sized shopping basket, which can easily be accessed even when the seat is in full lie flat position. The seat is padded providing great comfort to the child and also appears to be sheltered on the sides, protecting from the child from the elements and keeping them warmer. The seat can be easily adjusted with the pull string and will lie flat, meaning it is suitable from birth. Safety has also been thought of with the 5 point seat harness.

The brakes are a little on the small side to access, but they do work rather well and once you get used to the location are easy to access. The Graco evo Mini features a two stage hood, meaning you can have extra shade if needed.

The Graco evo mini is simple to fold and can be done one handed. There are two buttons to press on the handle bar. The Graco evo mini then folds neatly and can again be lifted one handed, meaning you can carry the child with the other. Once folded the Graco evo mini fits neatly into the boot of a saloon style car.

The Graco evo mini really has been designed for families on the move.

With many thanks to LB and to Graco.

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