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Phil & Teds Promenade

I bought a P&T Promenade second hand (from someone who had had it new, and it was in top notch condition.) I havent had my 2nd child yet but used it as a single for a while to see if I got on with it.

I loved everything about the Promenade with one crucial exception - I found it tricky to push. i am used to air filled tyres and I just couldnt get used to the hard wheels and lack of suspension.

I found it easier to push and manoeuvre the Promenade in double mode than single – I think this was due to the weight of the 2nd seat making the weight distrubution a bit better, but that is just a theory!

(A trick for getting it up kerbs is to quickly extend the handle out – push up the kerb – and then settle it back to the middle position.)

Overall I think the Promenade is a great buggy but you need to have a good practice with one before you decide to go for it. If my single had not had big chunky air filed tyres I suspect I would have liked the Promenade better. In the end I sold it on, despite my husband and mother both really liking the Promenade.


It looks really nice

The seats and hood are very roomy, my son loved sitting in it

The raincover and sunshade fit really well and fold down very small

The seats convert to carrycots and back very easily

in single mode you can have your child parent facing

Huge storage basket - I took it Xmas shopping and put it through its paces!!


I found the hard wheels made it a bumpy ride (i really think this is probably more about what you are used to than it being a particularly bumpy pushchair)

I have since found out that you can switch the Promenade’s back wheels for air filled tyres if you buy Vibe wheels and axles. This might have made a difference.

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