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The Easywalker MINI stroller visits Eureka! The National Children’s Museum


These photos of the fabulous Easywalker MINI stroller were taken at Eureka! which is the National Children’s Museum.

The Easywalker MINI turned out to be the perfect pushchair for this outing. Eureka! is stuffed full of exciting things for children to touch, feel and explore. The MINI stroller hood has been tucked away behind the pushchair to allow the child to see exactly what is going on around him.┬áJust look at the clear view which he has from the pushchair seat – whether he wants to look down, or up, or at either side. He can even look behind him. The narrow pushchair allowed the Easywalker MINI to be pushed up close to exhibits to be able to touch, feel and interact. The fairly low seat meant that he was at the perfect height to push buttons, and to play with exhibits – brushing teeth, bandaging Daddy, turning handles etc. When he wanted to get out, then there was easy access for him to climb out.

The MINI was so easy to manoeuvre around the exhibits. Even in tight spaces, the MINI handled well. There was room underneath for all our kit. At lunchtime, the MINI handle dropped down and it simply slid underneath the table. The Easywalker MINI is one of our favourite pushchairs ever for handling, and neatness.

We love the Betty Bramble ‘London’s Calling’ footmuff that we have on the Easywalker MINI. It suits the pushchair perfectly. The thermoscan photo is great – it shows that no heat is escaping through the thick wadding of the footmuff, thus keeping our child cosy and warm!

A fun outing with a great pushchair!

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