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Babystyle Oyster 1 v’s Babystyle Oyster 2 v’s Babystyle Oyster Max Single

These photos show the new Babystyle Oyster2 (lime green with black seat with lime green liner inside) side by side with the Oyster1 (Red), and also alongside the Babystyle Oyster Max (all lime green seat with small sun visor – on the left).

Please bear in mind that the red Oyster1 has an old colour pack on. The more recently Oyster1 colour packs do not extend so far down over the child. There are photos here on Best Buggy of a more recent Oyster1 under the ‘Single Pushchairs’ section.

The red Oyster1 also has the wrong bumper bar on. It should have been a leather one to match the handle!

With many thanks to Babystyle and to Nurseryland, Wakefield for their help.

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