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Babystyle Oyster2

This photoset is the very first set of photos taken of the new Babystyle Oyster2.

The Babystyle Oyster2 is similar to the old Oyster chassis, but with a different seat unit with a new colour pack on top.

The Oyster2 seat has been improved to have an additional recline position. This allows for both a very upright position for an older toddler, whilst having also a lie flat seat for a newborn baby. There are also two semi recline positions in between. This means that it is no longer essential to buy a carrycot, although there is still a carrycot option for those who want one.

The Oyster2 harness has been made longer to accommodate a larger toddler. However, it does also tighten up sufficiently to secure a 7lb newborn baby.

The chassis has a new larger basket which has a built in pocket at the front which is perfect for a raincover, or for small bits and pieces. We were pleased to see the built in insect net is still underneath the front of the seat – a fab idea!

The wheels now have a high shine finish to them. There is still the choice of optional air tyres.

There is a choice of black or chrome chassis. However the seat only comes in chrome.

The Oyster2 comes with a stitched leather handle and bumper bar which has been embossed with “Oyster”.

The new Oyster2 Colour Pack contains a new quiet, taller, extending hood; a coloured apron; a seat liner and a head hugger all in the chosen colour from a choice of 5 – Grape, Lime, Tomato, Black and Ocean. The coloured apron is very useful for making a small baby feel more secure. Although this is not a footmuff, it will protect a child from the elements – wind and sun. There is plenty of space underneath to add blankets, footmuff or cocoon. It is a lovely detail to have.

The Oyster 2′s taller hood rim makes a big difference to an older toddler. The new hood is much better when folded back compared to the older bunched up hoods. The upright seat position and the extra leg length is excellent for an older child.

All round the new Babystyle Oyster2 is perfection, at a great price.

With many thanks to Babystyle for helping us with these photos.

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