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Babyzen YoYo 2014 – 0+ Newborn and 6+ Month Seat Fabrics

This large photoset show the new 2014 Babyzen YoYo.

The new 2014 Babyzen YoYo has one small, but significant difference to the older version of the YoYo – this is a tiny red button which allows the back rest to be removed. The back rest can then be placed horizontally on the seat to form the basis for the new newborn 0+ fabric pack.

The photo set shows how the 2014 Babyzen YoYo arrives. Unlike the previous YoYo’s we have reviewed, this YoYo comes as a bare chassis which needs the fabric putting on. The top half of the photos show the 6+ YoYo, and the lower half of the photos show the 0+ YoYo.

6+ YoYo – for a 6 month old or older child.

We first built the YoYo up using the 6 month + fabrics. We found putting the fabrics on very difficult as they are very tight. Mr BB had to help in the end and even then, the fabrics simply would not lie straight (we heard someone else also had this issue so we are not alone).

We love the new flick out visor on the YoYo’s hood. It extends the hood coverage which is important when out in the sunshine. A more minor change is that the fabric now comes down lower at the sides. It obscures the red fold buttons on either side. However, Babyzen have thoughtfully applied white circles to the fabric, over the location of these two buttons, so that you still know where to place your fingers to press in the red buttons to fold. It is not quite as easy to fold with the fabric obscuring the buttons, but we are getting used to it now.

Other than that the Babyzen YoYo 6+ is just as amazing as ever to use, push and especially to fold.

0+ YoYo – parent facing cocoon for a newborn – 6 month old baby

The first stage to make the 0+ YoYo is to remove the backrest from the YoYo buy pulling the red button out. The backrest then fits underneath an elasticated strap on the seat base. It then clips back in to secure (see photos above). Thus the seat back is now resting on top of the seat base.

Putting on the 0+ newborn fabrics was much more straightforward. They slipped on easily and they were logical to fit. Within minutes we had a parent facing, lie flat seat. We added on the newborn nest base fabric and secured in the included head hugger, and the YoYo transformed into a lovely bed for a newborn baby. The final touch was to add the foot cover for the nest. This cover zips on around the edge of the base fabric. It can be unzipped on either side to give good access to the baby without the need to remove all of the cover. The top of the cover can be turned back and secured with buttons, to give a neat finish; or it can be left flat to keep the baby snuggly up to their chin!

The newborn nest is absolutely gorgeous. Even Mr BB (who rarely passes comment on pushchairs), said that “…it was enough to have another baby for…” – high praise indeed!

The hood for the 0+ fabrics is different to the 6+ hood. There is only one rod instead of 2. The hood in secured at the base on each side, and then poppers on at each side. The hood has two settings: a low half fold, and a higher fully open mode. It is possible to remove or have the hood down flat, but to be honest it leaves the baby very exposed and we felt that you would want the hood at least on the lower setting.

We like that the baby is still harnessed into the pushchair in the 0+ mode. Child safety is something which is very important to us.

With the newborn nest all set up, and the hood up, we wondered how on earth it would all fold. The instructions said to leave the hood fully up. We looked at each other and said there was no way it would fold. However tentatively we tried. We lowered the YoYo’s handle down. When we reached under the pushchair to reach the slider and release button, we did find that we had to reach a little further under than in the 6+ mode, as the handle sits slightly further forwards. The wheels need to be facing forwards in 0+ mode, but then with a press of the release button, slide of the red slider button and a good flick of the wrist; the Babyzen YoYo 0+ AMAZINGLY folded down into a small, neat package! The fold isn’t quite as small as the 6+ YoYo, but believe us, its absolutely amazing that it folded at all with the hood still upright, and and the newborn nest fabric attached. Best of all, the Babyzen YoYo 0+ can be opened just as easily as the 6+ – literally in seconds by flicking it open – but the hood is open, and the newborn nest is ready and neatly awaiting its baby occupant. Bearing in mind we are veterans of testing out amazing folding pushchairs including two Babyzen’s and an Origami – the newborn 0+ YoYo has probably been the most amazing. We have been showing everyone and anyone because the fold / unfold is simply unbelievable!

We are veterans of the 6+ Babyzen YoYo. We have had ours now for over 18 months. We use it most days and it is nearly always in the car somewhere, whether in the boot or in a footwell. Our son is now 3 and a half. He still has plenty of room in the seat and under the hood. He still naps comfortably in the seat. It handles his weight fine and we have had no problems with our YoYo at all – and believe us, it has been everywhere and anywhere – even up Mount Snowden with us last year! We can not sing its praises highly enough.
Few pushchairs stay here at BBHQ for a long time. However the Babyzen YoYo has outlasted most…and we certainly have no plans for this most useful little pushchair to leave!
The debate here at BBHQ is whether Mr BB was serious or not ;)
We will update this review once we have had the YoYo in 0+ newborn mode out on the road. However we know people are very interested in how the new newborn nest works on the 2014 YoYo chassis, and so we have taken the decision to release these photos now.

NOTE: The photos of the box at the end serve as a warning! These pins are used to attach the hood to the newborn nest. However it would be very easy to throw these away.

With many thanks to Whitestep for letting us have a hands on look at the new 2014 Babyzen YoYo.

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