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Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2012 & 2014 Differences

This photoset highlights the changes across all the Baby Jogger pushchairs for 2014. These happen to be of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, but we understand there will be similar changes across the range.

The first and most obvious change beyond the colour, is the new Baby Jogger branding. The new GT (on the right) has the new style branding on the side, in the footwell, on the labels, on the harness pads, and even on the press studs.

The harness, and strap adjustment system has been completely changed. The ‘ladder’ system where a clip was moved up as the child grows, has been replaced with a more traditional ‘push through the back’ system. We are disappointed to see this change as the clip system was so easy, and the fact the height could be changed so simply was a great selling point to anyone who wanted to share a pushchair with siblings. We were not impressed to have to put our hand down the back of the seat (it hurts!) to alter the straps for our little one. We feel sorry for anyone who has to reach right down to change the straps for a newborn :( It is not easy.

On the positive side, the harness adjustment on the front, is much easier than the old system. We have mixed feelings about the new buckle: on the one hand the buckle is better because it does not pop open so easily; and it sits a little higher on the child. However we hate the fact the side pieces break away so easily into two parts. It is very difficult at times to strap a wriggling toddler in, and having harnesses which break into pieces is not helpful! We wish that the pieces clipped together more securely. We were disappointed to be honest that Baby Jogger did not make use of the City Elite buckle which was always fab.

The new hoods have had a UV50 label added to them to show that the hoods do offer good sun protection.

Some of the press studs on the GT are now a black colour. We love that the logo has been stamped onto the press studs – neat touch! Some of the rivets are now also black which looks much smarter.

The serial number has been relocated.

We believe everything else remains the same as previous models of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

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