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Babystyle Oyster Lite at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2014

This is the new Babystyle Oyster Lite.
The Babystyle stand was packed with people, so a lovely lady from Great Expectations in Brighton gave us a quick demo (Thank you!), and off we went exploring how the Oyster Lite worked!
First impressions were that the seat is absolutely huge, followed by how light it was. Unfortunately because the stand was so busy, we could not get information on exactly how light the pushchair is, but it was light!!

The Oyster Lite has a colour coded hood and padded seat liner.
We liked the way the silver frame runs around the hood and then around the footrest – it gives a sleek edge to the pushchair.
The Oyster Lite has a HUGE basket with easy access in from the rear.
Our Oyster Lite had a gate opening bumper bar on it, however the red Oyster Lite in the photo has a snack tray on, and the black Oyster Lite has a car seat attached as a travel system.
There is a toggle recline which goes quite deep. At this stage, we do not know whether the Lite is suitable from 6 months or newborn. However the recline is good.

The Babystyle Oyster Lite has a fold very similar to the Baby Jogger / B-Agile fold. There is a locking catch on one side (red button) and then underneath the liner is a pull handle. Pull the handle and the Oyster Lite folds instantly.

Little Miss BB wanted to sit in the seat, so we let her. Just look how much room she has in the seat – relate this maybe to the recent Baby Jogger City Mini GT and iCandy Raspberry photos here on Best Buggy. She is a tall 5 and a half year old (113.5cms tall).

The Babystyle Oyster Lite retails at £169.99 which includes the colour pack.

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