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Babystyle Oyster2 at the Harrogate Nursery Fair

We feel like we are posting photos of a familiar friend here – the Babystyle Oyster2.
Best Buggy were proud to have been given the exclusive opportunity to review the Oyster2 first, so this is a pushchair which we know very well.
There are lots and lots of photos here on Best Buggy which show the Babystyle Oyster2 in detail.

However, this was the first time we had seen the Oyster2 in its other stunning colourways, and also with the black chassis. The Oyster2 looks simply fabulous in all of its colour packs. We were unsure of how the black chassis would look with the chrome on the seat rim, however we think the black chassis looks stunning – there is so much black on the seat unit – in the ribs / zips on the hood, the leg rest, the bumper bar, hood plastic etc. that the black really works well. The shiny rim of the wheels accents the chrome and breaks up the black chassis. Very nicely done! The white writing on the black chassis is smart too.

We would like to draw your attention to the award on the podium which says that the Babystyle Oyster2 won the BANTA award for the Best Wheeled Goods 2014. This is very well deserved for a pushchair which an incredibly good all round pushchair, with great quality at an affordable price. Well done Babystyle!

We also loved the sunshade attached to the hood of the Oyster2. Very nifty!

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