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Babyzen Zen and Babyzen YoYo at the Harrogate Nursery Fair

The Babyzen Zen and the Babyzen YoYo are two of our all time favourite pushchairs. These pictures really do not do either stroller justice, but we have plenty of photos of the YoYo and of our older Recaro Babyzen, here on Best Buggy.

We were interested in seeing any changes to the Babyzen Zen because it is a couple of years since we had ours. We had an issue at the time with the harness sliding loose – the straps were like silky ribbons – and I did not feel it was safe having then then baby BB forward facing with us not being able to see when the harness was becoming loose. However the harness straps have now been changed and are like webbing. This is a fab improvement and to be honest, we would love to have another Babyzen Zen again now. We absolutely loved it.

The fold is incredibly neat. Although there are lots of steps to the fold / unfold, I was able to do it one handed. It was great to push. We noted that the basket has been slightly enlarged which is great – every bit helps! I used to constantly get reports from the local shop keepers that Mr BB had been ‘flashing’ them with the light on the front of the pushchair as he walked by!! The seat pad and the harness pads are so thick and comfy. All round the Babyzen Zen was a lovely, luxurious, practical pushchair. The Yoga carrycot is absolutely gorgeous too. There are some photos here with the Yoga carrycot on the chassis in the background.

The Babyzen YoYo was on display in both newborn 0+ and 6+ month modes. I think the YoYo is such a gorgeous set up for a newborn baby, and it is so light and easy to use and fold. We have had our 6+ YoYo now for over a year and a half and it is probably one of our most used pushchairs ever. We absolutely can not recommend the YoYo highly enough. It works brilliantly and the small fold is out of this world. One of the best pushchairs ever!

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