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Britax Go at the Harrogate Nursery Fair

We were delighted to be able to have a good look at the new Britax Go at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. The Brio Go was a favourite amongst some of the Best Buggy Focus Group. We are pleased that Britax hope to bring this interesting looking pushchair to a wider UK market.

The Britax Go has quite a generous sized reversible seat with a good leg length. Master BB tried it out for size. He is 3 years 7 months old and is 93cms tall. He has plenty of room above his head, and we very much liked how our foot dangling toddler actually rested his feet on the wide footrest or the edge of the chassis. We did not harness him in for the photos, however there is a very useful crotch strap to prevent a wriggly toddler sliding under the bumper bar whilst you strap them in.

The basket was a generous size and was very accessible. The fabrics seemed good quality on the smart black chassis. The handle is unusual but comfortable to push. The fold is extremely neat, with the seat on in either direction.

There was no further information about the Britax Go, however based on what we know of the Brio Go, we expect that there will be both a carrycot and a car seat option.

We would love to see Britax bring the Brio Smile to the UK market in future.

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