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Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 2014

Today marks the start of Down’s Syndrome Awareness week.

Master BB was born with Down’s Syndrome. World Down’s Syndrome Day is my opportunity to raise the flag for all those who have Down’s Syndrome. For those children and young people I have met, who although they have Down’s Syndrome, are achieving more than most of us will ever achieve in a life time. They are inspirational, and give me hope that Master BB can aim to do whatever he wants to do in life.
My hopes are that Master BB will be accepted by those who he meets in life. I hope that he is given opportunities and that he is happy.

We, at Best Buggy, want to do our small part this week, but especially on March 21st, World Down’s Syndrome Day, to raise the profile, image and perceptions of those with Down’s Syndrome.

Many thanks to Elaine Scougal for the use of her picture.

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